10 May 2012

Look what I got

I'm trying not to get too excited, awaiting the arrival of my name tag for the FQ Retreat.  I see ones arriving at their destinations, all of which I was hoping were coming my way.   But nothing yet.   It'll be here soon I know, but in the meantime, what does Mrs Postie bring me?

A  **!!!!!**!ing  tax return, that's what. 

Gee thanks



  1. Oh No! Didn't you escape the UK tax man when you left the country?

  2. Am I the only one slightly scared of Hadley? Poor Di.... x

  3. no Hadley scares me too! ;)
    Sorry Di, I'm sure you'll get lovely mail soon and I'm the same, I keep hoping the badges are for me!!

  4. Oh S***.I hope your name tag arrives soon. Think Happy Mail thoughts