01 May 2012

Please allow me...

to be just a little bit smug.   I'm not usually - I can sympathise, empathise, congratulate, commiserate, but rarely am I smug.  But today I feel smug! 


No. 1

Whilst England slowly sinks beneath drought ridden floods, we are having wonderful weather in central Europe.  It has been 30 degrees plus since Friday ( although incredibly windy) and it's a Bank Holiday today into the bargain

No. 2.

Because of the afore-mentioned weather I can get my shorts out.  Shorts, that because I have lost 6 kgs in weight since Christmas, fit me again for the first time in 3 years (Can you see the smug grin now?)

No 3.

The best bit by far.  I have spent a fair bit of the weekend cooling down in this

We have destroyed my precious lawn, but I think it's worth it.  Just one week after completion, the water  temperature has gone up from 12 degrees to 25 degrees, and it's only the end of April!   25 is still a bit nippy, but bearable.  Gordon was floating around in it for over an hour this evening! 

Can you see the smug grin has turned into a full blown cheesy grin!

I realise I have probably got no friends left now - hey ho.  Weekends are filling up with family and friends - but there are still openings and I am open to bribes.

I'll leave you with my sunday best cheesy grin

Hope it stops raining for you all soon!


  1. Ah! I'm so jealous! I live in AZ, so we've been able to wear shorts and swim for some time, but your view! So pretty! So green! And 3 year old shorts?? That's fantastic! Congrats!

  2. hum... jerk! it is cold and windy in idaho today! but it is ok, i will still be your friend but only if you will pretend that you are me for a minute while you are in your pool! xoxo enjoy!

  3. Okay missus. 1. A bit jealous... 2. Okay jealous and feelin sorry for myself. 3. Desperately tryin to remind myself of all the ticks and mossies and wasps and nastys that love to land in out door pools and attack any flesh there within....
    Have a great time :-) LOL Nah seriously, enjoy it for us :-) x

  4. Oh you have plenty of friends now, that you never knew you had, all dying to come and stay!

  5. You can go off some people you know... ;o)

  6. I used to like you immensely but as I sit here shivering in my flanny pyjamas Im finding it hard to feel the love !

    Kidding- enjoy splashing about and looking fab!

  7. Could you push that knife in a little bit deeper!

  8. Next quilting retreat is at your house!!

  9. That pool and the view, you should be grinning!

  10. We have new swimming pools here too, ours are just brown and slushy ;-)

  11. Congrats on losing the kgs, that's awesome. I'm a wuss and won't go in the pool unless it's at least 28 deg. Enjoy the summer in the pool, I'm sure you'll find lots of new friends who want to come and visit now!!!

  12. So, when can I visit you? Joking of course, I'm so happy for you, enjoy, it looks splendid.