19 May 2012

Sock Challenge 3 - One down one to go

So to remind you of where we were , I'd turned the heel and was heading off towards the toe.

This was a bit of knitting outside when the sun was nice
The decrease has started to shape the toe - toes almost hidden

Toes nice and cosy now - just got to graft the two rows together

The final sock - quite difficult to get a good photograph of your own foot!

In it's full glory - there's a bit of a loop at the top where I didn't pull it all tight enough when I made the initial circle

The toe - not perfect as I got my front and back mixed up on the first couple of decrease rows.  The graft isn't perfect either.

But a rather well turned heel I think
I bet you didn't know you could take so many pictures of a sock!   I'm bringing it with me to London Helen, so that we can have a critique!!   Off to start number 2 now, which I hope will be better as I learn from my mistakes!

Have a nice weekend


  1. Ahh thats the thing about socks, the knowing that I'd have to do two...
    Looks braw cosy though :-)

  2. It is lovely, it works perfectly on your foot, nothing to critique. I will bring some knitting to London too, it is a long flight.

  3. Who would have thought so many photos of a sock would make me laugh. Love the post, and the sock looks pretty cool too.

  4. What fun photos. Thanks for sharing. So, have you started the second one or are you suffering from the dreaded SSS?

  5. So funny, imagining you wandering round wearing the half made sock for days on end!

  6. I'm feeling like a very proud mummy Di - just so you know!

  7. this made me laugh so much xxx

  8. this looks so perfect. Now, I wonder will the other be a match? Ha!

  9. It looks cosy. It fits your foot. It's colourful as all get up. I think it's perfect.

  10. If you hadn't pointed them out, I never would have known there were mistakes. And honestly, I still don't see them!! Great job!