31 May 2012


  • Hair cut                                                             Tick
  • Swaps finished                                                   Tick
  • supplies and equipment packed                         Tick
  • Boarding passes printed                                     Tick
  • Maps printed                                                      Tick
  • Bags packed                                                      Tick
  • Phone numbers logged into Mobie                      Tick
  • Money                                                               Tick
  • Last swim in the pool                                          Tick
  • To do list for husband                                         Tick
  •  Alarm set for ridiculously early hour                    Tick

I think I'm ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh lordy, must remember to set my alarm for Saturday!!
    Have a good flight x

  2. Pack my bags? Knew I forgot something!

  3. Safe journey over, see you bright an early Saturday :) x

  4. have a wonderful time ... hope all goes well and you have a great time xx

  5. What a fab weekend we had, didn't we? - and one of the very best things was getting to know you and hitting it off right away and thinking ooh err I think we may have a bit of a kindred spirit here! Thank you so much for making a lovely weekend even better! Hope to see you again SOON!!!! Love Helen