09 May 2012

WIP Wednesday


Are you sure it's Wednesday?  We've had two Bank holiday Tuesdays on the trot and it's thrown me completely.  It feels like a Monday today, which is great because when it comes around to Wednesday, it'll be a nice surprise that it's Friday.  If you catch my drift.

So anyway, I was surprised this morning when I saw Lee's WIP Wednesday post.   I've not got much done recently as I seem to spend most of my waking hours in the garden.  But here goes

Cathedral Windows Cushion

This has dragged on but finally, thanks to Rhonda's Finish along, it's done and I LOVE it

 Blogged here if you want to see some other photos

Name tag for the FQ Retreat

My secret partner has now received her name tag, so I can reveal it in it's entirety  at last....

 ..............well I could if I'd taken a picture!  Donkey!

Here's a peek

Maybe Shevvy will have taken some photos and I can borrow them!  Blogged here

New starts

I have around 3 weeks to make 4 items for the sample swap at the FQ Retreat.   I have almost finished a trial run on the first one, which will be for me I think.   I hope I can show the finished items next week.

Making progress

This quilt is for my nephews baby who has already arrived.

I had a devil of a job with that tape - it just wouldn't stick!   I'm half way through quilting it now - just one last push.


Just one more block to go! (Unless I have to make 3 more to make it big enough!)

No progress

Stained QAL - not really, although I now have some orange and green solids to audition for the sashing, as alternatives to the charcoal
Zippy Pouch tutorial

2 finishes
1 new start (4 really)
2 progress
2 no progress

Actually, that's more encouraging than I thought it was!
YOu know the drill now - pop over to Lee to see what everyone else is up to


  1. Seems that you are getting a lot done. Can't wait to see Supernova - all blocks complete.

  2. Beautiful projects! That pillow is lovely, and the baby quilt is so darling!!

  3. The cushion is beautiful and the quilt looks fab! Weird about the tape, I love your attempt to solve it, haha!

  4. Hilarious that you forgot to take a reveal photo of your tag! Loving the quilt and the cushion :)

  5. So pretty!! I love your cushion. So delicate. You know the word `donkey` is a real insult here. Not that it`s polite anywhere I guess but here it is the worst!

  6. That was a pretty good round up I'd think!

  7. Forget which day of the week it is, I don't even know which season it is!

  8. Great work, hope Shevy likes little envelope :-) I do.

  9. you have been busy. i love that tag and i had to snicker a little when you said you forgot to snap a pic because i do that all of the time! xo