06 June 2012

Didn't we have a luverly time....

the day we went to London. 

I'm a bit behind the rest of the world posting about the Fat Quarter Retreat in London. Apologies for that, but life just got in the way.  I hope you're not too bored and can spare 5 minutes to read this

I had a fantastic time at the retreat - You have probably read all the other posts, so you know the general brilliance of it, and that if it's humanly possible, you should go next year

The best bits

  • Meeting all the people I have spent the last 18months stalking talking to on t'interweb
  •  Meeting lots of new people that I'd never come across before
Christine and Emily

Kerry centre stage

Susan - what me?

Cindy - in a quandry over how to quilt her masterpiece

  • Meeting 50 % of the Stitch Tease Bee.  (please can I have a copy of the photo)
  • The whole damned shebang was sooooo well organised - thanks to the team for that, I know it wasn't an easy job, although I think it was probably offset to a degree by the fun you all had
  • Learning some new skills (although it would've helped if I could've just stopped chatting).  The classes were great and I was thrilled to meet all those celebrities!
  • Discovering how sociable hand sewing is, as opposed to machine stitching (And I learned that you can take a needle and a small pair of scissors on a plane nowadays)
  • Being in a great swap group, which by chance was very baggy (the gifts, not the ladies).  Thank you everyone.

  • The goodie bag which was full of wonderful things including a FQ of Oakshot cotton and some Aurifil - both of which I wanted to get my donnies on.
  • Meeting Helen.  I just knew that we would get on well, and it was like we'd known each other for years!  Thanks for looking after this lost soul around London.  All was well until we took a wrong turn from BP House on Sunday and didn't notice for 10 minutes because we were so busy talking! In the pouring rain.  And when we nearly didn't get of the train at our station because we were so busy talking!  I'm sure someone took a photo of us, but I've no idea who.  Can anyone help?  In the meantime, a picture of the lady herself, complete with werewolf eyes!
  • Our meal out on Saturday - thanks Susan for inviting us, it was a real hoot.

  • Our meal out on Sunday with the hangers-on who didn't want to go home
  • The British Design exhibition at the V & A museum.  worth visiting if you get the chance!
  • Getting home and thinking I didn't meet so-and-so, or didn't have time to talk much to various and assorted people
  • Annabella not coming - sorry to have missed you. I hope you are recovering well now.
  • Not winning a SINGLE prize in the raffle  (Have I mentioned this before?)
  • Coming home.  Well I am glad to be home, but ....................
Sorry the photos are few and far between - I was too busy, erm, yes you guessed, talking! Here's to next year!


  1. great pictures glad you had a good time

  2. You posted SUCH a flattering photo of me. Thanks!! And I didn't win anything in the raffle either but then I had a number higher than any they called. Shit happens. I still had a wonderful time. And you can talk to me more next time, that is if you want to!

  3. It was lovely to meet you - in a manic and brief way!

  4. i'm so glad you had a good time! xo

  5. After all I've read and seen of this little shindig I'm insanely jealous I dont live anywhere near the UK . Sounds like everyone who went had an absolute blast.

    Two full on days of classes, chatting and meeting up with people -sounds like bliss.

  6. It was lovely to have met you : same time next year?

  7. I didn't win a raffle prize either, it was a conspiracy ;o) Glad to have met you too!

  8. It was so nice to get to meet you in person!

  9. I've been waiting for your post, too :)
    So great you've had such a wonderful time.
    I hope I'll be able to make it next time.

  10. Thank you SO much for that photo Di! It's DREADFUL!! You made the weekend great for me too!!

  11. back to reality? There is always next year to look forwards to xx NEVER get bored of hearing what a good time you all had.. makes me feel I was (sort of ) there xx

  12. Such a great post and you hit the nail on the head - the fun we had SO outeighed anything else!

  13. Was real lovely to meet you missus x

  14. This was a good recap and shared photos I've not seen in other posts. Did Katy send you the Stitch Tease photo? I have a copy I can email you.

  15. I didn't win a raffle prize either, but I did get two prizes for the challenge and quiz.

  16. Di, it was so fun to meet you and our dinner Sunday night was really great. So to keep in touch until next year (dear neighbor), I'm going to (s)talk to you (erm follow you) on the internet :o) Happy sewing!

  17. No prizes at all for me ;( but just being there was the price. Lovely to meet you and next year hopefully will have more time to chat.

  18. It was lovely to meet you at the Retreat, Di! I agree on the hand stitching. Next retreat should at least have a few hand stitching classes! :)