28 June 2012

Kona summer tumblers

So many people are joining in with the challenge issued by Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting 
to come up with the perfect colour pallet from the kona solids she offers in her shop.  And who's going to turn down the chance to win 2 metres of the aforementioned Kona Solids?  Not me.

So my inspiration, rather uninspiringly, was a set of plastic tumblers I bought (fromTesco) for use in the garden in the summer, when we have children and unruly adults over.

1. School bus  2.Turquoise  3.Canary 4. Magenta  5.Bright pink  6. Lime   7.Red  8.  Jade Green

There are only six colours, so I had to improvise a bit.   Anyway, I love doing these mosaics - it's just having time to play with them so you get a bit better at it, then remembering what to do next time you use it!

So this is my summer tumbler collection - I think it could be the new black.



  1. Oh I do like your selection. Those are all colours I would love to play with in my sewing.

  2. Great selection Di - good luck!

  3. Very creative. I better get over and go in this too!

  4. ohhh love those colours, good choice

  5. Lol, very good. Now is it a Tesco value bundle?!

  6. It looks like a summer rainbow. Great job!

    I'd be one of those unruly adults you mentioned....

  7. I'm not sure about the new black but I like it. I tried to make one but all the combinations were gone. I might try again.

  8. Lovely mix :-) Love the trust you have in your houseguests too...

  9. Please email me. I am not sure I have you correct email. Xo