13 June 2012

New name needed

I wanted to write a post today about the terrible thunder storm we had last night, which flooded out some of our neighbours and frightened the living **** out of me driving home in it.  But sadly none of the pictures we took last night came out , and this morning you wouldn't know there had been a problem.   But it was scarey.  We live on a hill, so no problem for us, but the vineyards are planted in vertical rows so the rain just washes straight down them, and into the valley, causing flash floods


You can see the hillside in the background, going down into the valley.  The little road at the bottom was like a river in flood.  Last spring we spent a lot of money terracing our veggie plot, and re-inforcing the bottom wall.   Last night proved it was money well spent - without it, our garden would have joined the floods at the bottom!

But we survive to tell the tale, and show the progress on my stained quilt

3 'A' blocks

5 'B' blocks rather badly photographed!

I did have doubts about the sashing, but now I'm sure I chose the right one.  Thanks to Sarahs tip about stacking and chain sewing, the blocks went together easily with only one or two minor mistakes on my behalf.  My biggest mistake was not clearing everything away when cutting some more pieces for my Snowball blocks, and slicing through one of the end blocks on the A block.  Ooops!  

Anyway - as it's starting to take on it's own personality now,  I need a name for it.  Any ideas?



  1. Well I'm terrible at thinking of names (Stained, for instance...) but I do love how yours is coming along :-) Glad the garden didnt go for a swim. x

  2. Is it a Terraced Garden. Nah - I'm s**t at making up names for quilts too!

  3. Glad you survived the storm. Get those out of the way before we arrive in Europe, please. As far as a name...the colors look fall-ish to me to something with fallen leaves or???

  4. Phew, glad you made it through okay! Love the blocks anyway :o)

  5. We had a wild and woolly night here last night too...winds got to about 120 km per hour a bit further North I believe. Im glad you're OK and the vines and garden survived too!

    LOVE the way that quilt is coming together.

  6. I love that your garden is storm proof, great work! The quilt is coming along nicely, but I have no name suggestions yet.

  7. It's fab DI!! How about After the Thunder? It's even got ziggy zaggy bits that look a little like lightning! We've been having a lot of thunderstorms too - massive hailstorm yesterday and pretty much only rain since I came back from London - but today the sun is shining!!!!

  8. Oh it looks fab! I'm really awful at naming anything so I won't even try lol!