23 July 2012

A day out

Yesterday we had a day trip to Vienna with friends from England. Because of the nightmare of a journey we had in the car when we went to visit Di a few weeks ago, we went by train.  I should have been easier, which is was, but the ticket machine at the underground station ate Gordon's 10 euros without giving us the tickets.   We had to buy some more and then some-one will call us when they empty the machines and make sure he wasn't lying about the 10 Euros!   I'm not sure then how we get the 10E back, but we'll see.  This put Gordon in a mood all day (do your husbands get wound up about small things like this?  Must be his age!) but it was a good source of jokes and mickey-taking all day. 

Anyway, I actaully remembered the camera so here's a few photos

Stephensdom - cleverly covered whilst they are cleaning and renovating

Fancy a carriage ride - there are hundreds waiting in line and business was very slow
The Hofburg
The national library
The gardens at the Belvedere
A very nice restaurant where we had lunch - typically austrian
And finally - the man who was the first president of the new Austria after WW2.  I know none of us like politicians, but really, would you trust this man?   If I were him, I'd have asked for my money back!

Vienna is a big city - spread out and the buildings are HUGE, but it's not my favourite city.  I feel there is no real heart to it.  But each time we go, we discover something else, and this time we found the museum quarter, and will be going back to visit some of the exhibitions over the summer.



  1. I've got a husband just like that! Drives me mad sometimes and other days I just ignore him when he is off on a rant.

  2. I've never been to Vienna and it's on my list as I love Salzburg and V must be even more beautiful.
    It's not the age, I think it's some kind of POWER thing. (used to be called macho-thing). Perhaps it's in every man.
    But to think of that all day long is quite an achievement.
    Love the pictures

  3. What a great day-trip, well for everyone except Gordon!

  4. Looks like a fun day :-) Such a blokey thing, innit, deciding one thing has ruined the day. Incessant piss taking is the only response....

  5. That would have been me about the 10 euro...I get in a snit and there's no getting me out of it. Tell Gordon I'm on his side!
    I agree with you on Vienna, pretty, but too big and not much soul. But that beer garden we ate at was fun!

  6. Oh he totally sounds like my dad lol My mum and I just ignore him ;o)

    Definitely wouldn't trust that politician either lol

  7. I had an ex husband like that ;-) I went to Vienna about 20 years ago and absolutely loved it. I was a gorgeous hot sunny day which really helped. Would love to go back and see how its changed

  8. Why don't we have old buildings here?!?!! We have indian ruins, but it's not the same! I want to visit Europe sometime.