21 July 2012

A little bit of sewing

There has been a little sewing going on at Quiltova towers.  I spent most of last weekend sewing with my Sister in law.  By the time she went home the quilt looked like this

and the back looked like this

Do you see the little duck on the left.  Bridget loves ducks and has decided this will be her logo, on everything she makes (more quilts?).  Here's a close up

Neat, or what?

We had lengthy discussions about the binding, and we have finally settled on the lime green square dots.  An order is in already, so I have a couple of weeks to get  the quilting done.

Bridget got on with this herself, with only a little instruction from me, so I was left free to do a bit more to my terraced garden (AKA the stained quilt)

Love it, love it, love it!

I'm thinking of putting a 3 or 4 inch border on in the charcoal - so that it is more bed sized.  Do you think it will be too heavy?

And last, but not least, I've finished the 3 extra blocks on the supernova quilt and I've started to sew them together.   I've not got any photos yet, but will get on to it next week.

I'll leave you with my favourite photo

Notice the stylish slippers - we all need nice slippers!

Have a good weekend



  1. You are on a roll there! And if you look at the photos from last weekend at the Brit BBQ you will realise I was in my slippers the whole time.

  2. I love both quilts. Looking forward to that border: how beautiful will it be?
    The duck is gorgeous: well chosen.

  3. That is a lovely photo! Both quilts are looking fab and I think the charcoal border will look good! :)

  4. Both quilts look fab! So, when's next meeting?!!

  5. The border will look great, as is everything else!

  6. Love both of those quilts, but particularly the stained. Isn't it great how they have all turned out so differently!

  7. Looks like you have had a really fun and productive tie. Both quilts looking really good.
    I a sure a border will be fine especially if it makes the quilt more useable for you.

  8. Love the idea of a border, but maybe in the orange? The charcoal would look good, but the orange would make it a lighter look...

  9. I love her idea to put the duck onall her projects, wish I would have thought of something clever like that.