25 July 2012

Bee News

Envy is not a nice emotion, but I think that there was a lot about at the Fat Quarterly retreat in London. 

Don't jump back in horror!  What I mean is, many of us were envious of the Brit Bee girls who we could see had really "bonded" and had produced some fantastic work.  On the tube to and from Baden Powell House,  Helen (runquiltknitwrite) and I discussed the possibility of starting a Bee of our own, with a European theme.  Although we're British, living in mainland Europe has made us feel truly European, so we thought we'd start a Bee with a more European feel.  So we asked several of girls that we'd met at the FQ retreat, if they'd join us.  We were absolultely amazed how many people were keen,  and due to this enthusiasm and an inability to count, we are now 13!   We are either ex-pat Brits living abroad, ex-pats living in the UK, or true blue Europeans.

We have a button
Sew euro 6

and a plan for who's doing what, when, and we are due to kick off after the summer holidays.  So keep an eye out for what we get up to won't you?  Here's a link to our flickr group .

The second bee that I am in is the Stitch Tease group.   I got a little behind over June because of work commitments, but I've now finished my block for Katy.

I'm not able to reveal the whole block, because it has to be a surprise when Katy gets the whole assembled quilt top next year, but here's a sneak preview

In the words of the great Rolf Harris, can you tell what it is yet?

I've also started my next block which is for Annabella.  Annabella has asked for curves and circles which is causing me some problems.  I thought I had cracked it this morning, but then realised that I had calculated 3 x 6 inch blocks to make up the larger 24" block, but actually the one I made was  6 x 12" so that was that!  I did get 'o' level maths, honest.  I just didn't get 'O' level imagining what it looks like when it's finished!

 Plan B is being formulated as we speak!  


  1. Huh, not a clue! Quilt maths makes my head spin at times, and I have a degree with maths in it o.O

  2. Love your bee button. Good luck with the Euro bee should be fun. I'm finally working on Danny's block. Yeah. Then it's Helen's for me.

  3. You've no idea how weird (and frankly awesome) it feels to hear people say they were envious of Brit Bee! Sorry, I'm really sorry, but I have to do this.... OMG I'M IN BRIT BEE! lol sorry, dont hit me....
    Glad you've built up the Sew Eurobeeanb :-)

  4. My husband does my maths because he's soooo much better at it
    and it saves me the hassle ...