11 July 2012

Quarter 3 FAL

2012 Finish-A-Long

Well I'm still around - a combination of high temperatures and lots have work have rendered me brain dead by the time I get home.  That's why there have been few posts, and I've not been commenting.  I feel so dull and heavy that I'm just not able to find amusing, enthusiastic and bright things to say!   It is a bit cooler and fresher today, and it's my first day off for a few weeks, so here's to a new start.   

I don't have many promises for this quarter's FAL with Rhonda, just these two old chestnuts

Stained QAL

It's almost there - look

Just 5 more bits of sashing and the top is done.  So I will get this one finished.   Thanks to my loyal readers I now have a name for it.  There were ideas on a garden them and a storm theme (it was thundering at the time, and these are fairly stormy colours)  but my favourite came from Canadian Susan - so now it is the Terraced Garden.  Thanks Susan!

My second finish is the Supernova quilt

Because my friend has a LARGE bed, and want it to go over the pillows and down the sides, I now have to make another row of stars and add a huge border to accommodate this.   But my target is the end of August.   MMmmmm - we'll see!

So there you have it.  Keep your fingers crossed!



  1. Hi! Both are so beautiful! Same here with the hot and busy! x Teje

  2. Two gorgeous quilts to finish, I have faith in you :)

  3. Oh yay! I actually came up with a usable name for a change, and it wasn't even rude. I think that this is a very doable list for the next three months. Though you might like some hand stitching for when you are floating around in the swimming pool.

  4. Good luck with the finishes, hope you get more days off soon!

  5. You'll get those done no problem x

  6. Hope you cool off a bit soon ;-) Your proposed finishes will be beautiful, best o' luck! x

  7. I hope that lovely pool of yours helps with the heat and that you are relaxing as you need to. The list is certainly doable and the projects are wonderful.

  8. Unlike most people's lists, this is totally manageable and you will probably be the only one who actually finishes their list. I love your stained quilt and the SuperNova!