29 July 2012

Summer lovin'

The ongoing story of a summer love affair..................

..........withsummer veg.  I know, I need to get out more

This pan of roasted veg was from a few weeks ago. Of the 7 veg, only 3 were from our garden.  The beetroot, carrots and shallots. (23%)

This week, I made the same and was able to add our own tomatoes, potatoes and courgette.  Just the peppers and chillis to go in, in a couple of weeks time.

The veggie crop this year is going well.  The peas and broad beans have long since finished, their lives having been shortened by the very hot weather.   The last couple of weeks have not been so hot, and we've had thunder storms most days so that saves me watering!   The tomatoes (24 plants worth) are doing well but still manageable.  The ones in the greenhouse though, didn't fruit any earlier that those in the garden.

And at last my flowers are coming on - the first vase of zinnias were picked this week.  But the rest of the flower beds and trees are pretty sad, because of the dry weather.  As are the fruit trees and plants.   My neighbour came around the other day in his capacity as fruit adviser, and basically my trees are a disaster - badly pruned, too dry, the trunks are scratched by the cats, so we're putting wire around the trunks to protect them, and he's going to help me prune them at the approriate time!  So maybe next year I'll get a better crop - better than a few manky apricots, some scabby apples and a few scrawny plums.  Oh and there is one nut on our nut tree.   We don't know what nut it is (it was from the afore-mentioned neighbour) but it looks like a walnut to me.

The only thing that seems to survive the hot weather is the weeds, and they are scooting away now the weather has turned warm and humid!

So there you go - my garden at the end of July.  There would have been a few more photos but it's raining again.  Never mind, with Gordon on his sick bed with a bad back, that means I have every excuse to get some sewing done!

It stopped raining so I went a took a few photos

Can you see which bit I weeded?

There are some potatoes there somewhere - about ready to be lifted

My tidy tomatoes


  1. And I thought you said you didn't cook ;o) Or was this before himself stuck it in the oven? :oD

    Right, I'm off to play with Fiona, Lynz, Sarah, Jo and a couple of Jo's friends in Edinburgh, our turn for a fun sewing day :o)

  2. amazes me how "weeds" will grow anywhere anytime xx never seem very edible though ! lol x

  3. Those vegetables look delicious! And I love your tidy tomatoes.

  4. My garden has turned into a jungle and the kids won't eat any of the salad because they don't trust me to have washed out all the slugs! Never mind, this week it's all going to be TACKLED!!!

  5. Im not really much of a vegie lover but honestly that pan looks chock full of yumminess!

    I have an abundance of weeds here . if you get sick of pulling your own , you’re most welcome to pop over !

  6. It's always fun to eat what we have grown ourselves, isn't it? What are yu going to do with all your tomatoes. I just made a delicious salsa.

  7. You're always welcome to come and pull weeds here too.....anytime!
    The pan of veges looks fabulous even if they are not all home grown.
    I still think that looks like an awful lot of tomatoes, even though it's not as many as last year.