08 August 2012

And then it went bang ....

I was tootling along today, happy as larry, sewing a secret block in the Stitch Tease bee, using my new reel of aurifil thread (yes, I caved in), when I sewed over a pin, and bang went the needle.  The middle bit flew off into the corner, and I was left with the top bit and the bottom bit of the needle, and more importantly, a wobbly shaft that the needle goes into.  Bugger.

So what does a girl do in those circumstances.  Well I had to find the stray bit of needle, so I had a sweep, a cull on the cobwebs, and a general tidy.   What next?

Well I could do a WIP  Wednesday post - it's been a while (May in fact!).  There's still some of the old favourites there, which you have heard about endless times so lets skip over those and just concentrate on the new things

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Bridgets Quilt

My sister in law came over for the weekend, and instead of me making a quilt for her friend, I taught her how to make it herself.  You can read about it here and here.  She got as far as basting the quilt and I have done the quilting for her.

 Just waiting for her to come back at the end of August and do the binding!

EPP - Snowball

At the Fat Quarterly retreat in June, I took the English paper piecing class, mainly because I had no machine.  I was prepared to be under-whelmed, but as it turned out, I was hooked.  I finished the first one

and no 2

and no 3

but put them together and no 2 just doesn't fit

So it will just have to get used for a cushion or something.  Whilst my machine is out of order, I'll pull some more fabrics for this and get ahead with my cutting and basting.

I have also done another couple of blocks for my stitch tease bee

but this is all I can show as it must remain a mystery block.  The second one was under the needle when I broke it!

Shearwater kaftan

I have also ventured out into dressmaking.  Read all about it here.

Well that should be enough for today.   Off to do some hand stitching!


  1. Ohh Last time I did that I cried... and moped... til my man fixed it :-)
    Three cheers for EPP, your snowballs are awesome :-)

  2. I don't brake as many needles since I got the thinnest needles I could find anywhere. Now the pins bend more often than not, but the needle stays intact (most of the time). But remove the pins before sewing over them having learned my lesson. Of course not!

  3. Love the EPP! Bummer about the machine x

  4. Oooh bugger!
    I like no.2 - make more so that it fits in better!!

  5. Oh arse, hope you get the machine sorted quickly!

  6. Hope your machine gets to working soon!! Good for you for teaching your SIL how to sew!

  7. Oh bugger! Bloody pins are more hassle than they're worth, I swear! Loving your snowballs - maybe with a few more number two will fit better?

  8. HATE needle breaks! The last bad one broke the holding shaft, so I was without my machine for a week while it was getting replaced. LOVE your English paper piecing blocks! All 3 are gorgeous. As is the quilt you helped your sister=in=law make. :) Love her fabrics.

  9. OOh what a pain - hope your machine gets well soon!

  10. your blocks are so pretty but that quilt is stunning. your quilting is amazing

  11. The EPP blocks are beautiful and I think they go nicely but then I like bright mad colours, like my EPP!!

  12. Loving your EPP, I am completely hooked at the moment

  13. You certainly do have a lot going on. Love the EPP.

  14. Those snowballs are amazing and I love that quilt!