18 August 2012

Catching up............

We've had visitors all the last week, so I've not been able to post much, or read and comment on the blogs I follow.  And I also realise that I'd left a few loose threads floating around.

Firstly, and most importantly, Mr Fix-it fixed the sewing machine.   I had apparently popped a bearing (who knew?) and it was mended in seconds.  That is of course not counting the 10 minutes it took to take the cover off!   So when I've got time, that's up and running again.

A while ago, I had asked for help finding the green and pink fabric for my Envy blocks.  Thanks to those of you that sent links to fabric shops.  Unfortunately, no-one seems to have any green left, so I have decided to go with a solid which I know will be available.   So it's out with the seam ripper for me!

My adventures with Instagram have been on hold too, whilst out visitors have been here.   Having already made a horse's ass of myself, I want time to understand what I'm doing with it before making any more bloopers.  And thank you Christine, for pointing out that your 2 year old can use it!

And finally, because I haven't shown you around my garden for a while, and because posts need at least one photo, here's a little medley of flowers that are in full bloom at the moment

Hope you all have a great weekend.



  1. Whew, nothing worse than popping your bearings... Glad Mr Fix-It got to it anyway!

  2. So glad Mr Fix-it is looking after you!

  3. Lovely flowers. Looking forward to see what you have been working on in the kitchen with your garden bounty and also with the newly repaired sewing machine.
    FYI...take download the ProCamera app, then use those photos in Instagram. That way you always load a photo to Instagram instead of sharing "accidental" photos. I learned that the hard way.

  4. Oh, but he turns 3 in two weeks time :o) And he does't use Instagram (yet). Hihi :o)))

  5. Unsewing is one of my least favourite tasks. Hopefully yours wont be too painful a process.

    Thank Goodness for Mr. Fixit!

    And I envy you your flowers. It's still so wet and miserable here there isnt any colour about. Sigh. At least I get to live vicariously through your pictures.