16 August 2012

Well I felt I ought to report back on the Tom Jones concert.  First of all let me say that if any of you have the chance to go to one of his concerts, then do it.  It was absolutley fantastic.   I was a little worried that maybe he wasn't up to it any more.  After all, he is 72 now, and look how bad Paul McCartney and Elton John were at the Jubilee concert this year.  But I needn't have worried.  His voice was amazing - it's lost none of it's power and depth.  And he looked like he was really enjoying the whole thing.  OK, he's not as sexy as he was, and in answer to the question lots of you asked - no I didn't throw my knickers at him!  And neither did anyone else - they're very restrained these austrians.

The photos I took on my phone were rubbish - you couldn't even tell there was a human being there, let alone who it was.  But my brother in law took some slightly better

The pretty town of Morbisch an der see
My banana split

The stadium
Just measuring up if I can get my kncikers over the moat onto the stage!
The man himself (slightly blurred)

He did all the old favourites - Green, green grass of home, It's not unusual, What's new pussycat, Sex Bomb, etc. etc.  Brilliant!!!

Back to reality now.  Not much sewing going on as we have visitors and the garden is taking a lot of time, but I hope to get a bit done at the weekend.


  1. The man himself probably looks a bit better slightly blurred... lol Sounds like you had a brilliant time, quite envious! (nana split looks fab too)

  2. Ohhhh, that's who! (no, I really wasn't joking the other day!) Think Sarah might be right about the blurring though ;o) Still, glad you had fun :oD

  3. Hi Dianne! I'm so happy you were able to see the concert! Wow, it must have been so great, even I have to admit that he looks now very different. x Teje

  4. Thank you for the photos...He is still a great act to see in person. I hope he comes to the US soon.

  5. Um, I am still stuck on the bit about a moat!! Glad you enjoyed the show.

  6. i am going to have "what's new pussycat, whoaaa whoooaaaa whoaaaaaaa" in my head all day now, oh and banana splits... ;) xo