12 September 2012

C is for


Ready for storage

 They just need another layer of sand, and there's room for another layer of carrots.  These should store nicely in the garage if it's not too mild

The beetroot are tucked away too

You're going to have to trust me on this one!

Then there's the tomatoes

I am pleased to announce that the mad tomato woman will henceforth be dropping the "mad"   It would appear that my 21 tomato plants have been totally manageable.  Although I will admit that I am sick of them now!   This little lot took 1 hour to chop and will be boiled down a little and frozen for casseroles etc in the winter.  We also have tomato jam, tomato soup, tomatoes with beans, and roasted tomatoes! 

For the record I grew these tomatoes

Costaluto - This is a lovely beef tomato which I have grown several times before

Herodes - New to me - a beef tomato with a lovely meaty pink flesh and a oval shape, but prone to problems.  For every good one, I've had 5 bad ones

Scatalone - a plum tomato that I've grown for the first time.  OK, but not as good quality or as prolific as the San Marzano which is one I grow every year.  Both prone to Blossom end rot (and you don't want that, trust me!)

Gardeners Delight and Red Cherry - these could be either. Both are prolific
and are worth growing.  Gardeners delight is probably slightly bigger and better flavour.

Moneymaker - I remember my dad growing this one.  Lovely firm, clean fruit with a firm flesh and lovely flavour. 

I'm writing his is a record for myself, so that I'll remember what I've done when I come to start again next year.  But maybe there are one or two mad tomato women out there who might be interested and can swap experiences with tomatoes (That would be you Di - must be in the name!)


  1. Mad tomato woman goes squishy till next year eh? Bumper crop :-)

  2. I can't do better than echo Sarah's thoughts...oh and I totally trust you Di, you mad tomato woman you!

  3. It's a record for me if I ever live somewhere I can have a garden. Thank you.

  4. My tomatoes have been dreadful this year, worst year ever :-(

  5. My veg were pretty dire this year - I didn't bother with tomatoes and I really didn't miss them. The only thing that grew really well were kohlrabi, which the whole family hates.....I don't actually know why I planted them :-)

  6. I think it's too late to drop the mad bit, lol. However thanks for the low down on the tomatoes, if I ever decide to grow more than one cherry tomato plant I'll refer back to your notes.

  7. i am up to my eyeballs in tomatoes too! i am so sick of them i could die! xo

  8. I am working on my tomato round up post. I'll let you know. Hopefully published this week.