25 September 2012

Doing what I said I would never do

When I first started sewing and blogging I could never understand how people got themselves so loaded up with bees and swaps.  I don't want that kind of stress.  And I'd never get myself in that situation, because I'm good at planning and managing my time. Aren't I?


As well as the two bees I'm already in, I've also signed up to take part in the Travelin' Pic-stitch blog hop that Laura and Katy are running.   This means that before my chosen day, which is the12th of November , I have to find, or take, a photograph of somewhere or something interesting, and using 3 or 4 do the colors in the photo, make an EPP block.  I will most likely make another block to go into my snowball quilt, but I've yet to find the right photo.  Here's some possibles

Mm not sure  - I'll just sleep on it.   A blog hop is something totally new to me, and I love trying new things, so I'm really looking forward to it.  Thanks for asking me ladies

Also, just to send me into total melt-down, I have now been assigned my partner for the Mouthy stitches bag swap.   Oh, and she's a clever lady, so no pressure there either!   I've got an idea or two though.

The good news is that I have my machine back and it seems to be much better now.   The repair man told me that it's much better to do FMQ fast and even.  Duh!  Yes I know that, but it's easier said than done.  I'm just wrestling with the Supernova quilt, which seems to have multiplied several times in size now it's on the machine!  It's winning at the moment so I've given it a break for an hour or so!



  1. Swap and bee over-committed is my middle name. I am taking a break this week from sewing...I'm just overwhelmed with sewing summit coming up.

  2. I have just started on my EPP photo-matching & block - good fun x

  3. I told myself I wasn't go to join any swaps for this Christmas - but I have done!

  4. Hahahaha! It gets kinda hard to say no, dunnit!

  5. It sucks ya in, you know! You join a bee, then some pushy bee mate comes up with a ridiculous project and sucks ya into that and then look where you are... ;o)

  6. I signed up for Katy's blog hop too - and then thought GULP, WHAT HAVE I DONE? - and I'm 'on' before you at the end of October.....

  7. Oooh, I would go for the vegetable pic, it has some amazing colours

  8. Hi Dianne! Exactly the same here ... still I have managed not to join any swap because my schedules can change so quickly ... but bloghop - yes my first and I'm so exited! I have tried EPP and now my block is coming together quite well but slowly.
    Your photos are all great and mostly I like the forest, village and vegetables.
    We have the next dates at the bloghop so see you there! x Teje