02 September 2012

Fresh sewing day

So summer's over already - where did it go?  Actually I'm hoping it's not over yet.  The summer here has been brilliant - sunshine and warmth most of the time since early May (apologies to anyone in the UK where I know it has been less than average!)   and although it's a bit cooler and cloudy at the moment, I think we're due for some nice stuff still.

Because of the weather, visitors, keeping the garden alive and dealing with the produce, I haven't got much sewing done during the summer, and certainly no finishes during August.

The quilt my SIL made under my tuition has now reached it's new owners.   The prem baby was born two weeks ago, both mother and Oliver are doing well, and love their new quilt.  I put the binding on, took it over to England last week, and Bridget hand stitched it down.

Bridget will get some photos of it finished, but the only one she has now has a baby on it!

I've made progress on my stained garden quilt, the supernova, started a tunic top, and another quilt for a friend  myself

I've been progressing with my EPP Snowball, and I used Instagram for the very first time, which is another story that I wrote about here

But what I really need to do now is get on line and order some fabric to finish all these things.  I do, I really do! 

And September.  Well I have to finish the sueprnova and the terraced garden for Rhonda's FAl Quarter 3.  I am now in two Bees, so have blocks to do for that.  I am signing up for a QAL, and hope maybe to join in the next Mouth Stitches round, and also the next round of For the love of Solids.  Possibly a little over ambitious, but we'll see!
My SIL, Bridget, is here this weekend again, with her family this time, so we are hoping to get the boys out today, so that we can do a bit of sewing in peace.   The boys (19 and 23) hit the high spots of Valtice last night (more about that later) so no doubt won't see the light of day before they have to go out this afternoon!  They're off to a shooting range - not sure if that's a good idea after a night out drinking!

So although it's a bit late, I'm linking up with Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend



  1. woohoo fabric shopping - there are some AMAZING new lines out, great finishes, cant wait to see the supernova in all its glory!

  2. love your quilt - the colours are beautiful

  3. Get shopping. You have lots to do. Every time I see that quilt your SIL made I fall in love with it a bit more. It is so lovely!

  4. The quilt turned out beautifully! Not fair about the weather though ;(

  5. Glad to hear the early arrival is doing well. The quilt looks fantastic and I love the blocks that you have made. Weather here is really dull today. I think Autumn and winter are going to feel really long this year due to the total lack of summer!

  6. Hi Di
    I've missed you. I have been rather spotty about commenting lately. Glad you have had such a lovely summer.

  7. I love the stained garden blocks. So pretty!

    September sounds like you're going to be very busy. Im slowly working my way through some WIP's but I'd really like to start something new....