05 September 2012

It's a family affair

I've just got back from delivering my SIL and family to the airport after spending a weekend with us.   We've had a great weekend together, cycling, walking, barbie-ing etc etc.  Their two younger boys came over too, aged 20 and 22.  Boy was that an education!   Apparently, kids of that age, don't even GO OUT until 10 or 10.30, just as I'm ready for bed!  And all those of you with young children that think the arguing and general level of noise will reduce as they get older, THINK AGAIN.   Apparently they weren't arguing, they were DEBATING... which seemed exactly like arguing to me but....    And why, oh why, did I suggest we play a board game one night?  The noise levels were enough to make your ears bleed!   Competitive now, not arguing!
And they can eat their own body weight in food every 3 - 4 hours.

Anyway they've gone and peace and quiet have returned!   And I can report more converts to sewing.    Last time Bridget was over, she did some hand sewing one of my snowball blocks.

And then when Gordon's older sister came in August, she picked it up too and worked on this one

Whilst I was on a roll,  I suggested that I give them some fabric and they could make their own blocks, and we could join them all into one quilt made by all of us, gifted one day to a future addition to the family from their loopy (great) aunts.   The Neale heirloom quilt is born.

By the time I got out there a couple of weeks ago, Gordon's middle sister was interested in joining in too!

So Bridget went back with 3 lots of fabric

and a couple of pin cushions for emergencies

This is the way to make a quilt grow quickly!


  1. Cool idea of a group quilt. Out of curiosity, did you buy templates for that block, or print them off from online?

  2. A real family affair - great idea an fab blocks!

  3. I love the idea of the 3 witches quilt!

  4. I love the idea of lots of people in the family contributing to a quilt for future generations. Im loving those blocks too Di.

    Totally hear you on the nephew thing. I have two and one of them used to live with us. Excuse me - how can anyone eat three large packets of biscuits on 24 hours? They are meant to last two weeks!

  5. The loopy-auntie-quilt... love it! Sounds like you've been having a great time :-)

  6. Cunning plan to make a quilt!

    Aren't you sad you didn't have kids now? ;o)

  7. Look at all that AMH goodness! She's my favorite. I'm loving those blocks! Keep the pictures coming.

  8. what a wonderful idea. The Neale Family Heirloom. That will be a treasure.

  9. What a brilliant idea! It's going to be lovely!

  10. Even one teenager daughter can make lots of noise, although the pantry is safe!!!!!

    Love those blocks and it's a great idea to have a family heirloom quilt.