08 September 2012

Stitch tease Bee

This month's make for the sitch tease bee is a block for Annabella who requested curves.   This will only be my second attempt at curves, the first being this

which as you can tell was not a huge success!

Unfortunately this is a bit of a non-post, because I can't tell you what I made and I can't show you any pictures of the finished article. Annabella doesn't get to see it until the very end when all the blocks for her have been assembled by the other Di in the group.  So here's a taster

In order to get this picture I pegged my bunting to the gutter, having wiped it first, of course.  But still I marked it, and didn't notice until I had sewn it all together of course.  It took several attempts to get the mark out, but luckily I did with no lasting damage!

By the way the pink thing in the garden is "Dolly's arm".  My old dog Ollie stole it when our next door neighbours daughter left it on the common where she had been playing.   A dolly's arm that has been lightly chewed by a collie was deemed no longer suitable for Dolly and so stayed with Ollie, travelled across Europe with us, and has now been bequeathed to the two younger dogs.  I know not what happened to Dolly, but the owner is now grown up and hopefully is not mentally scarred by the ordeal.

But I digress.  And a quick sneaky peek of the finished block

Complete with the shadow of my head!

This is now packed up ready to post, along with the block I made ages ago for Katy.  I have been putting off sending them out for ages - I don't know why.  I think it's getting them photo'd, then packed with labels, and I hate going into the post office too!  I promise they'll get sent on Monday.

I've also got blocks to make for Helen for the other bee that I'm in.   They're almost finished so I'll tell you about those later

Have a nice weekend



  1. Oooh, I'm excited and intrigued! I hate going to the PO too for all the same reasons. Don't forget to post Katy's to my mum's!

  2. Ha! I bought a job lot of envelopes today for all the stuff I have put off posting.

  3. Ohh looks like these circles went well, the sneaky peek looks great!

  4. I LOVE your block. And I can say that because I've seen the whole thing!

  5. I don't know what it is about posting. We are all guilty of not liking it. But, the sewing is so much more fun. The block looks great