16 September 2012

The circus comes to town

Valtice is always full of cycles during the summer months as we get a lot of cyclo-tourists.  But today the hold damned circus came to town!   There is a national organisation called Cycle for Life, and each year they hold a race, or a series of races, in Valtice.  And this year Gordon thought he'd give the 26 Km race a go.  Braver man than me Gungadin!

Here's a few photos

The car parks are filling up at 12.30

So is the town square

The starters for the 40km race waiting for the off
About 200 people waiting for the start of the 26Km race

Not sure if this made their day or not!  They certainly had lots of congratulations, and quite a few photos too!

No 829 raring to go
And they're off

Gordon is the one behind no 1573!  Great photography

And here he is nearing the end, coming past the end of our road.  Great photograph once again

And finally the end, with all the team tents, and sponsors tents.  The chateau over-looking it all - I wonder what the original owners would think?

Gordon did the 26 km in 1:15:46 and came something like 111th out of 337.  Not bad for a fat aging Englishman (his words, not mine!).  All the riders had a token for a free meal and a drink.   Only in the Czech Republic would you serve a good greasy goulash to athletes!  And, heaven help us, NO BEER!

Great day, it's lovely to see our sleepy little town come to life.  Next year Gordon says he'll be doing the 50Km.  And in answer to your next question.  No I'm not.   However, I will try and get my brother over, as he's a big cyclist and I think he'd love it.   Don't worry Dave, although there was no beer, there was plenty of wine!


  1. Good on your husband! It looks so pretty where you live - I thought that when I got your postcard. Your Bike 829 photo is great.

  2. good for him, I love watching the bike rides coming past our road but will NEVER be participating lol

  3. No beer?! Sacre bleu! Still, good on him for giving it a go. My fat, aging dad is just back from a week and a half hiking up alps, and he still thinks at 62 he's going to be able to cycle up Mont Ventoux one day (he's tried and failed twice before, it's a stage on the Tour De France to give you an idea!)

  4. Sounds like a big event, well done Mr Q.

  5. Yeah for Gordon...surely you can train and do it next year, too. Your village really looks pretty. I think I will have to visit it when I m next in that area of Europe.