18 September 2012

What can a a girl do?

When her machine is at the menders?   A few weeks ago I stitched over a pin, the machine went bang,  and according to my husband, I dislodged a bearing (??!!).  He put it back in place, but maybe I did more damage than at first thought, because when I came to use the FMQ foot, I just couldn't get it to sew properly.  I was pulling my hair out trying to get the tension right.  In the end I called it a day and took it to the repair shop.  It was due a service anyway.

I did manage to buy a some fabric whilst I was there,  to finish off my terraced garden, and for a new quilt for a friend that I haven't started yet. 

I was working on the Supernova quilt, trying to get it finished for Rhonda's Q3 finish along, and I was making good progress, but I don't think there's much chance now.  

Here's what I've managed to do though. My friend wanted a simple back, perhaps just white.  Well, I couldn't leave it plain white could I?   So I used up some of the HST's I was left with, and made a double row of pinwheels - my favourite.

The front is also finished. 

I spent Sunday pressing all the seams flat, then yesterday was spent creased up on the floor basting it

I'm not over keen on this bit as I have to force my body into all sorts of uncomfortable positions to get it done.  We used to play a game call Twister when I was young - it's a bit like that really, but nowadays it's a lot more difficult and painful!

It's done now, but it has to go into a holding pattern in the dining room, until I get my machine back, hopefully next Monday.  I've still got plenty to do though - lots of cutting and some hand sewing, and we have visitors this week too.  The last of the bunch for this year - no-one wants to come in the winter!


  1. Eww, I hate basting too_best thing ever is 505 basting spray.
    Your quilt is looking fantastic, so crisp! Hope the machine is returned pronto

  2. It's such a beautiful quilt - worth the pain x

  3. The little pinwheels are so lovely, especially in these fabrics. I feel your pain - I also basted on Sunday - but I'm sure it will be worth it.

  4. totally worth all of the pain! it is such a beautiful quilt!

  5. I LOVE THIS. I say it everytime I see it, stunning!!

  6. I like your simple white back on the quilt, with the pinwheels.

  7. Oh Di - it's stunning!!! Can't wait to see it quilted. Boo to broken machines :-(