31 October 2012

And so, the end is near...

Well actually the end is here!   Finally the 31st October is here, and whilst I don't care to wish my life away, boy, am I glad!   I've actually succeeded (again, I made it last year too) in posting every day for the month.  This gives you an idea of my personality - a control freak really.  If I start out to do something, I HAVE to see it through to the end!  Sad really, probably the cause of a lot of self imposed stress in my little life!

The stats:

I have posted for 31 days straight

16 sewing related (well vaguely)
1 fabric related
1 cat related
1 FQ Retreat related
2 dog resuce related
2 garden related
1 handbag related
1 Christmas related
2 weather related
4  random posts to fill the space!
and todays round up.

I was hoping to be able to go out on a high, revealing the Mouthy Stitches tote that I had received but unfortunately it's not here yet.  (I'm beginning to suspect the post lady!)

But I did recieve a couple of parcels today, one of which was a total surprise and a bit of a billy bonus.

I'd ordered some boxes off the internet to try to control my fabric stash.  I'm not the tidiest person in the world, so I need all the help I can get.

So guess what I'm up to this evening.  The iron and ironing board are out, and I'm sorting through everything, tidying, straightening  and settling everything in it's new home.  The before and after

And the billy bargain?   We orderered some metal strips to protect the corners in the factory from women armed with fork lift trucks, and a few safety signs, and this came as a free gift

I'm very impressed.  Also, I'm impressed with the girls in the factory whose first reaction was " a sewing box for Di"  thus ensuring I got it before himself got his hands on it for his workshop!

So I reach the end of a very loooong month!  I may make an appearance tomorrow for Fresh Sewing Day, but otherwise I think I'll have a bit of a break. Thank you all for following me patiently for the month, and if you're a new visitor, I do hope you'll call again!   Thanks also to Sarah - we set up a mutual support group early on, and she has inspired me to carry on.  I hope I inspired her a bit too!  And lastly thanks to Kat at I saw you dancing who organised the whole damned shooting match.


  1. Hey, you did good! And I did appreciate the nudges :-) An evening sorting and organising fabric sounds like a great reward to me! lol (sad but true, I'm serious...)

  2. You did great Di and those women in the factory are the best!

  3. Yay for continual blogging! Love your case and storage solutions, and the thought of women going wild on forklifts xxx

  4. Oh my, hope the post lady didn't steal your tote!!!

  5. I always enjoy your posts and you managed to make every single one interesting!