26 October 2012

Friday Night at the movies

A late post today as we've just got in from a Friday night out.  Very rare for us.  We've been to t' big city to see this


on it's first night in the Czech Republic, no less.  Gordon is a huge Bond fan, me not so much, but I have to admit it was very good.  Textbook James Bond, pure escapism, totally unbelievable, lots of women and quite humerous parts.   Provided you're not looking for something deep and meaningful, you should enjoy it!

But haven't cinemas come on since the days of Rank screen advertising with the name of the local chinese takeaway super-imposed over the film.  And the seats.  Well they were so comfortable, I nearly dozed off! I so enjoyed it, I want to go back.  Have you got any recommendations of films to see?

The cinema in Brno is very conveniently situated in the middle of a shopping centre, so we had time for a bit of a shop.  I have a question for all you gels in the UK. Have you been into M & S this autumn?  Is it me, or is the stuff in there dire?  There are clothes in there that my late mother and MIL wouldn't have been seen dead in!   Old fashioned, dull, tasteless and just plain awful.  The mens clothes aren't too bad, but the ladies?  Even the Per Una seems to have totally lost the plot.   Or maybe they just send the horrible stuff over here?  Gordon came away with two shirts and a pair of trousers.  I came away with a pack of Christmas Cards.  I think that says it all!

I feel better for a bit of a rant.  It's way past my bedtime, so I'm off now with my cocoa.  



  1. we are going to see ARGO this afternoon. I'll let you know what we think.

  2. Not been in M&S much but do recall passing the ladies section on the way to school uniforms and having a general feeling of Yuck!

  3. I'm thinking the East European M&S range is exactly that! I know the things in our Local mega store are different to others, so get online!

  4. Shops?! Cant tell you a thing about shops, havent been in any for donkeys :-( Dont get the big boys up here...
    Not a Bond fan myself. Although I can happily watch the Sean Connery onese with the sound down...

  5. I hear Argo is a great film but we haven't seen it yet.

    I cant comment specifically on M and S but what I will say is that I noticed winter clothes here this year were awful . No shape and everything looked like potato sacks.

  6. Oh I'm going out for a date with hubby to see this...I love 007!