19 October 2012

From my window

This time last year, when I took part in the Blogtoberfest, it was day 29 out of 31 before I ran out of things to blog about and resorted to this.  But this year, there's not much sewing going on, and I'm exhausted at the end of the day, showing a new colleague the ropes.  Too tired to start taking photos and writing interesting, thrilling posts, so I've caved in on day 19!

From my window I can't see a damned thing!  It's 8pm and dark.   Autumn nights are drawing in now and it's dark by about 6.30.  However, we did have a beautiful day and we sat having a beer and doing a bit of hand stitching on the patio at 5.00.  If it were light, I would be able to see my garden slowly putting itself to bed for the winter.  The plants are just starting to turn brown and lose their leaves.

I am thinking why my tooth is still hurting after several visits to the dentist, a root canal filling, and a promise from the dentist that it wouldn't hurt again.  This was what I wrote last year, and rather spookily, the  tooth has started hurting again today, despite going 2 months wihout a problem. I'm wondering why?

From my kitchen Lemon Chicken with oregano tray bake.

I am wearing black jeans and a new rather bright pink t-shirt. And a pair of comfortable slippers

I am creating a block for one of my Stitch Tease buddies, which is late, because I started late!  It's also taking a long time because I'm doing a lot of tricky stuff and hand stitching. 

I am going  to bed early.  My husband has very kindly shared his man flu with me.  Which of course, when transferred to a woman, i just a cold!

I am reading a couple of quilt books looking for inspiration.

I am hearing an audio book entitled The Fall of Giants by Ken Follet

Around the house  there are hundreds of little fruit flies.  They come out at this time of the year as the town is full of cellars where grapes are starting to ferment.

One of my favourite things   The smell of wood smoke in the air when we were out walking the dogs

A photo that bring happy memories

Our old dogs, Ollie and Peaches, in the Bluebell woods near our old house in England.  The wind garlic was also in flower at the same time, and the smell was wonderful.    We still have wild garlic (called bear garlic here), but no bluebells and sadly we no longer have the dogs.

Thanks for listening to that.  I hope I will be more inspired tomorrow!


  1. Hope you feel much better tomorrow.

  2. Rest up and don't mix too much beer with the hand stitchery!

  3. Oh dear, typical man, never forgets to share when its a cold.... Feel better soon x

  4. you are so right, cold for a woman = death bed for a man! feel better lovely!

  5. I am worrying that you have an infection and need to go to the doctor not just the dentist to get some antibiotics. I hope tomorrow you are feeling better and maybe will sew more mod pop blocks, I hope to make some too. It is 7:30 pm here and pitch black out side.

  6. Maybe the tooth is anticipating halloween junk food ;o)

  7. What a great picture you painted for us. Hope the tooth is feeling better

  8. I hope you've had a good long sleep and are a bit better now. Sending warm thoughts (and lots of golden autumn sunshine) your way.

  9. This is a good post! And I like the photo too :) Get well soon.