06 October 2012

First of the summer wine

Well not quite yet, that's in November, but today is the Vinobrani in Valtice.  This is a celebration of this years grape harvest, and a damned good excuse to drink a lot of wine!  We wil go down to see and be seen, and also take a very excitable 4 year old to the fun fair!  Wish us luck.

It's a beautiful morning and at 9 am it was already 22 degress

 I've already got a bit of sewing done

There's dogs to walk,  a garden fence to finish (and straighten I might add!)

weeds to be weeded

and most important of all, tickets to be purchased.  What will I do if I don't get one? 

Have a nice day, and I hope you get your tickets too.


  1. Spring always brings plenty to do in the garden x

  2. Yay! Looking forward to seeing you in London next year!

  3. Well, I am a little late in my blog reading so I know you got a ticket, but did you drink too much?