13 October 2012

Like mother like daughter

There's a lot of embroidery being done around blogland these days.  I'm not really a very good embroiderer.  it's a bit "free" for me.  I don't mind the cross stitch type ebroidery which is a bit more regular, or geometric, but I'm not really neat enough for the freestyle embroidery.  I've got some nice cross stitch and tapestry from years ago, that I'll show you later on this month.  But on to the embroidery....

When my mum died in 2000, I inherited (posh word for given) her crafty stuff. She was a very good artist, something I didn't inherit, and a keen knitter, which I did get from her.   Amongst her stuff, was a pretty little embroidered tray mat, which was half finished..... and so it remained, half finished!

 Unfortunately it has been folded up in a plastic bag for 50 years or so, which has left creases that won't iron out and a dirty mark along the creases, and it had pins in it for many years which have left rusty marks.   I'm going to try and clean it up, but I know i'm going to have to be careful.  But look how neat she was

Isn't this beautiful?  Her stitches are perfect.

But like it says in the title, like mother like daughter.  Here's my half finished effort at embroidery.  A cushion cover that I started probably 20 years ago

Got a long way didn't I?  And it's nearly as creased as hers, with a ring where I left the hoop on!

And my embroidery isn't a patch on  mums

There are around 20 diamonds to finish in this spring cover, and then I have the summer cushion cover too!

 Here's the finished version, taken from the Wye Needlecraft website

Spring Flower Trellis Embroidery Cushion

Seeing so many other people tackle embroidery gives me hope that one day I willl finish these.  Mum's first, then mine.  Let's just  hope you're still around in another 20 years to see them!


  1. Oh yours is great - and your mum's is beautiful - you must finish them both!

  2. I think it will be absolutely wonderful if you finish your mum's embroidery. What a nice link to have.

  3. These are both beautiful embroideries. I hope you finish them.

  4. Lovely lovely plan to finish them both.

  5. I love the idea of finishing something your Mum started. It's going to be gorgeous.

    Ummmm excuse me your embroidery looks pretty darn good to me !

  6. Both have lovely embroidery, much better than I could do. All my Grandmothers and great aunts embroidered it seemed for a while to be a dying art. It's great that it's coming back. How lovely to finish something your mum started.

  7. oh my goodness! this is so gorgeous! i have such a weakness for vintage embroidery. it is such a treasure! xo i can't wait to see you finish them both!!!!