09 October 2012


Where has the year gone?   Blink and you miss it.  I didn't do too well with last quarters finishes - only one out of two.    I really hope I can do better this quarter.  I should have more time for sewing because the garden is ready for bed, but unfortunately, I'm going to have to go back to work full time for a couple of months - a pain, but it has to be done!.

Here's what I'd like to finish

Terraced garden

This started life as the stained quilt, and is almost done. I just have to baste it, quilt it and add a border.   That's the bit I love doing, so why it's taking so long, I really have no idea!

The one on the left - I couldn't find a picture of it alone

Earlier this year I did a bit of paper pieceing practice with Katy.  I never did finish the whole series, and got left with a few little orphans which I am determined to put to a practical use.


I'm surprised I didn't finish this earlier, because I love the colours.  Maybe a cushion or a mat?

Flying geese


As a practice piece, this is finished, but I'd like to make something with it

And, maybe the courthouse steps. 

Foundation Piecing for the terrified

Shearwater tunic

This has been hanging around for ages too.  I only have to hem the sleeves and bottom, and the binding around the neck.


And finally I have to finish a tutorial for Rhonda for the end of Q4.  But I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a secret or not, but I'll tell you Rhonda if you need to know!

Good luck to everyone else for Quarter 4

Off to Rhonda's Linky party now......


  1. That is a lovely list, you will be wearing that tunic soon.

  2. That is a doable list. I don't even have the energy to make one! Good luck with your FAL.

  3. You can do this. If you manage to avoid too frequent glasses of red wine in front of the fire. Which reminds me, I just left my wine glass in the kitchen!

  4. You did half last time, I am sure you'll crack these x

  5. Thats a very doable list, and lovely projects too. I would have thought the red wine might help you along.

  6. Beautiful projects Dianne! Your work is so modern and fresh I love it! Can't wait to see them finished! :)