29 October 2012

Sunday sewing

Did I ever tell you I'm allergic to bad weather?  It's true.  Much as I'd love to, I'm totally unable to go out on anything but short dogs walks in the cold, wind and rain.  I have to stay in the warm, and just to pass the time, I sew!

So as the forecast for the weekend was diabolical, I prepared myself to get some blocks done for the Mod Pod Quilt Along.  Demons needed to be faced and conquered.  I'm talking curves here.  I'd managed the first block and it was OK, but I was determined to beat the damned things.

This is how it panned out

I laid out 3 blocks on Thursday night, and rolled them in tea towels to keep them in place.

9:00 I started sewing the curves

9:15 I was almost in tears of frustration.  The first 5 curves were absolutely awful.

I wanted to screw them up, stamp on them and then burn them! Do you get like that sometimes? There's so much to remember - steer the top to the left, the bottom to the right, keep the 1/4 inch seam, don't pull!  Clearly my mind couldn't cope with everything. It was at this point I started mentally writing the giveaway for the whole damned quilt.     But instead I calmed down, unpicked them, and started again.

9:45 I had sewn another 6 and only had to unpick one, and that was because I sewed one piece rights side to wrong side!

10:00 All 12 curves sewn for the first blockwith only one more unpick, for a little pleat.

And so on until I'd sewn all the curves for the 3 blocks.   And actually they didn't look too bad in the end.

Over the weekend I pieced all three blocks.  To be honest, they're not brilliant.  They've got more ripples than I've seen anywhere in one place for a long time!  But experience of ripples, which I have had a lot of, tells me that they should all disappear when it's quilted and washed.  And there are some very dodgy thin seams there.

But the good news is that now there are 4 blocks together, I think it's looking pretty good.

  The green stands out against the blue much better than I thought it would.   It's not as defined as it would have been if I'd used plain green, but I'd rather have the patterned fabrics.

So that's 4 blocks down and only 7 more to go (I hink it's 7 anyway).  I really ought to keep going now, whilst I'm in the groove/  But there's lots of other things to do, so I think this one is going to have to wait. 


  1. Oh they look brilliant - and I am a firm believer in the power of a wash and tumble!

  2. You are frightening me. I´m going to make some curves, what I have never done before.

  3. Worth it surely? The blocks you've done look really really good!

  4. They look really good, it was worth persevering. I really like that blue and green, very pretty.

  5. I think they look great, that colour combination is one of my favourites. I totally know that frustration :S

  6. They look pretty good to me Di - don't be hard on yourself!

  7. I think the green looks great, and when the whole thing is done it will show up more than you think :) You did very good!
    xoxo melzie

  8. I suspect that the ones you rejected might have worked just fine with a press but surely you are in the groove now. Look at how wonderful your blocks look, this is going to be such a fun quilt.