02 October 2012


Having just spent around 4 hours hand sewing around the binding of a Queens size quilt, I have an index finger like a lump of raw meat, and I am heartily sick of not having a decent thimble.   As I am doing more hand stitching these days, it's something I have to sort out.

I have a selection of thimbles, all totally useless.   The first has been hanging around my sewing box for as long as I can remember and probably belonged to my mum or gran

This must have been good enough for them, but I can't get on with it.  There's no flexibility in it, and it just doesn't fit onto my finger properly.

So then I bought this one

thinking the silicone sleeve would sit better on my finger, which it does, but still that end does not fit properley over my finger end.  It's the wrong shape - it's flat whereas my finger isn't!

So then I found this and thought it would be much better

It fits better over the end of my finger, but it doesn't bend, and it feels like my finger is in a splint.   Just in case I was wearing it upside down, I tried the other way

Very slightly better if I cut the flap off.  It might be OK, but it needs "running in".

So in the end I resorted to my tried and tested favourite

A sticking plaster (Band-aid in the states?) - it fits perfectly and is totally flexible!   But it is just that - a sticking plaster to get round the problem rather than resolving it.

So am I alone with this or do any of you have the same problem with the design of thimbles.   Have you found the perfect one?   Or will I have to carry on with plasters?  


  1. yes I have found the best one ever that suits me to the ground... sorry! lol

  2. I'm with you, I have awful trouble with thimbles and have given up on them. I use those little sticky pads, both the plastic ones and the leather ones, I find them great.

  3. Can't use a thimble for love not money. I try but they slow me down so much they piss me off. Tried those little stick on discs and even they annoy me plus I still work the eye of the needle through them eventually anyway.

  4. I've got one that suits me, thought i'd lost it when I went to uk but luckily it was under my mum's dog kennel, I do find that plaster glue stuff in spray or bottle works fine, I put a couple of coats on and it helps no end.

  5. I get holes in the end of my fingers when I do bear noses. I just can't get thimbles to work, and after the sensation is lost, it's fine... ;o)

  6. I am right there with you!!! I hate thimbles. They all suck. So, having like Katy and many others, and I get a giant hole in my finger. Oh well!

  7. I use this plastic one with the nail bed cut out. I'll send you a photo. It's not perfect but it has worked for me.

  8. I'm so glad to hear your opinion! I just can't use them - I'll try 'Hansaplast' (as the Greeks say) next time. x Teje

  9. I wish there were a thimble that fitted my finger perfectly. The plaster is a great idea! I have the leather one and I too was confused as to which way around it went. I now use it with the blue on the underside of my finger as that's where it needs to bend. It is still not super-comfy but I can work with it.

  10. So many thimbles!
    I bought what was called a quilting one when I first started sewing again, used it once and declared it useless - touch wood I don't usually have any problems when doing binding - may find it all changes as/if/when I do a whole quilt xxx

  11. I could have written this post - I've tried so many thimbles but none of them felt comfortable. A friend recently loaned me a "Taylor's thimble" which has no top - so far it seems to work OK but when you've always sewed without a thimble it is difficult to get used to using one.