11 October 2012

What have you got in that bag?

A cry often heard from the other half.  A good question though.  As I couldn't find my keys today, and I had the contents out on my desk, I thought I'd do a stock check

1. Bag given to me by Hadley at the FQR containing passport and driving licence.
2. Bag received from Kelly in the last Mouthy Stitches swap containing I-pod
3. 3 sets of keys - car, home and work
4. Purse
5. Wallet containing necessary cards, company papers, and other documents to get you through a czech day
6. Flash Disc
7. 2 bills from O2
8. A brush.  Frankly I don't know why that's there as I run my fingers through it in the morning and that's your lot.
9.  A dead battery. I kid myself that I'm going to put them into the recycling.
10. a spare link from my watch strap
11 Dictionary.  Can't go anywhere without it.  Not the original one from when we came out here, I'm on my second edition.
12. Credit Cards and hospital/dentist/hairdresser cards
13. 2 lipsticks and a lip gloss.  Again, I kid myself here that I will actually use them if they're in my bag.
14. Emery board (now in the bin)
15. 2 tokens from Billa for something - probably knives
16. Throat sweeties
and last but not least
17 a pile of receipts.  I am the main keeper of the receipts so they just get thrown into my bag

No wonder it's so heavy and I can never find anything!  What's in your bag?  Is mine just amateur hour?


  1. My husband calls my bag the "Bag from hell" and refuses to even try and find something in it. Maybe I should take a few things out....

  2. I guess my hurting back results from carrying a small but very heavy bag.
    I laughed at your comments on the brush and the lipstick.
    I think I carry 5 Lipsticks with me but use none regulary :-)
    As my hair is as short as yours, I don't even carry a brush around.
    I'm glad someone invented the smartphones - I don't have to carry a pocket camera nowadays...

  3. Not half as much as wots in yours thats for sure!!!

  4. Mine is a fire hazard there are so many receipts in the bottom. Why I keep them is beyond me. Nothing breaks within warranty and half the receipts are for the Coop up the road!

  5. I have tonnes of utter rubbish, your's looks like my 'after' shot! Nice to see the little pouch in use xxx