10 October 2012

WIP Wednesday


I'm pleased with myself that I have been able to post 2 finishes 2 weeks running in  WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.  Something of a first for me.

So my finish, not a huge quilt, but a tote bag for my mouthy stitches partner.   The brief was to make a bag from this pattern, with no embellishments save maybe an internal pocket.  My bag has gone to several metamorphases. It started off like this

Mouthy stitches Tote

 But the dots didn't go down too well.   Then I decided on an appliqued wellie to go with the wellie fabric.....

Wellie bag

But it didn't

So I pulled out these

Wellie Bag plan B

and decided to use the stripes on the outside and the original wellie fabric on the inside.

But still it wasn't to be.  I made a mess of inserting the zip pocket, and cut the other piece of fabric.  So I had to sub the wellie fabric with the dots.  And I'm so glad I did, because the finished article is lovely (IMHO)

No pocket I'm afraid, after I messed up the first one

I just hope that my partner likes it, and I haven't made it too much to my tastes.

I also had to make a key fob to go with the bag.  I decided to continue the wellie theme


So there it is, a bit heavy on the wellies and orange dots, but all ready to go, well ahead of time.

New starts

I've made a start on the Mod Pod Quilt Along, but those curves are causing me a bit of a headache!  But the only way to get better is to keep going.

Will do a proper post on this one when I've finished the first block.

No progress

Sheerwater tunic
Terraced Garden
Envy quilt

Must starts

Block for Di in the Stitch Tease Bee

So I'm off to do a bit of tidying in the garden, before I tackle those curves again.


  1. Love your bag. The colours aren't my 'usual' colours although I do have that orange dot in my stash. I'm sure your partner will be thrilled to bits with it. I know I would :-)
    I would love to have a go at the Mod Pod but have too may projects to finish before I start another one. Gorgeous colours!

  2. That bag turned out fantastic! I had to smile at the way it 'evolved'. Your partner is sure to love it.

  3. Bag turned out GOOD! What is that stripe, its fab! Painful but true - get going on the curves and by the time you've done a few blocks you'll be a master :-)

  4. Your bag is a knock out! And a boot on fob - perfect. I love your curves, they are wonderful and the block is going to look so good, keep it up.

  5. your bag and fob are beautiful... your partner is very lucky 11

  6. I love your tote, right down to that welly key chain!

  7. It turned great. I'm sure she'll love it.

  8. Loving the tote and the welly key fob :oD Good luck with the ongoing curve battle, it gets easier, honest!

  9. The tote looks fabulous, love those vibrant colours

  10. The tote really is perfect - and the key fob inspired. Clever you!

  11. Oh the tote turned out brilliantly - lucky partner!

    Keep at those curves x

  12. I think it's great and your partner will love it!

  13. What a very Nice RainBoot Bloock and love the Key chain, they are great. I stumbled onto your blog through Jan's Linky and Giveaway post. I look forward to receiving future posts