10 November 2012

Friday night sew in - Quiltova style

My friend recently asked me if I had any ideas for an advent calendar for her children, and would I help her to make it?  Well what could I say - I'm never going to turn down a request like that!   After a chat over coffee a couple of weeks ago, we came up with the plan to make some small bags that could be either hung onto string like bunting, or on pegs or hooks. Something that could be used year after year, but in a slightly new way each time.

I have a fair bit of Christmas fabric that I bought locally in the days before I knew what nice Chrismas fabric was like!!!  It's very traditional, not what I would normally use, but I know Lennie will like it, and lets face it, an excitable 4 and 6 year old, trying to get into the bag, isn't going to notice what the fabric is like!

Actually the little Chrismas tree fabric wasn't purchased locally, and is really nice.

What is totally amazing about this little project is that my husband actually agreed to help me!   There's a first time for everything.  So we had ourselves our own little Friday Night Sew in.  He put crappy film on the tv and stood at the kitchen table cutting the fabric for me, whilst I whipped it off and sewed it up.  He was going to use a pair of scissors, until I introduced him to a rotary cutter and a ruler!   There were some grumbles about how hard it was!

And here are the first batch sewn up, ready to be trimmed and have their numbers put on them

See what I mean about the fabric?
And the good thing about this is that Lennie totally gets the "hand made" thing so I know she will appreciate these.  She asks me not to buy the children anything, but if I'd like to make them something, that would be wonderful.   Do you remember the pillow I made for her little boy for Christmas last year?

Well apparently it is his most loved possession (better than lego) and when he recently had to spend a few nights in hospital, he took it with him!

Seeing as Gordon was a good little soldier last night, I let him out to play with his toys today

I'm so good to him!


  1. The project looks fun and don't you love it when kids love what you make them. It looks like your garden will be nice for next spring too.

  2. Have you asked Gordon if he wants to come to FQR next year?!!! Isn't it wonderful when you make something for someone and they really appreciate it!

  3. LOL! Are you *sure* that toy is for Gordon's benefit?! So lovely to hear your rocket cushion is so loved. :-)

  4. Poor Gordon!!!
    You have made a great job with those fabrics, and the cushion is really great, I can see why it is loved!

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  6. Hee hee, you're so generous to the man ;o) Glad the rocket cushion is so high in its owner's affections!

  7. I'm so glad I've found your blog, I know I'm going to really enjoy reading it...and learning from it as well.

    I'm marooned in a quilting desert here in France, and teaching myself quilting. I appear to be learning by my mistakes!


  8. I've been toying with the idea of an advent calendar for years. Loving what you've done so far !

  9. That is so sweet that the pillow was taken to hospitable with the little boy. And look at Gordon go with his "toy".