15 November 2012

Meet Mr Fluffy

I am married to a man who puts too much washing up liquid in the water .......

but doesn't waste it



  1. Getting in the Christmas spirit early there Santa xxx

  2. Bwahaha, that'll teach you for complaining at the washer-upper ;o)

  3. lol!!!!! adorable beard my dear friend! xo

  4. Dear Santa, although you are a bit early this year I am well prepared and here are my worldly wishes:
    1) a sewing table (the one with a hole in it for my machine)
    2) audiobooks (to hear while sewing - best invention ever, I missed reading so much...)

    As to my non-material wishes:
    1) Please make my youngest sleep sounder (is that a word?!), like from 7 to 7, without his usual 2-3 claims for cuddles, water, pulling-up-blankets, etc For his sakr and mine.
    2) Please give me back one day per week without my office work (more ME- time that leads to less tension in this house...)

    Great photo, Di!
    Love reading your blog, you are a genius ;o)

  5. You are so fun! Can't wait until July!

  6. There's a second career waiting for you, Diane!