22 November 2012

Terraced Garden

At last i have finished my Terraced garden quilt, formerly known as Stained Quilt.  I started making this back in January when I joined up with Sarah in her Stained Quilt Along.

I chose to make it from this fabric

It was originally going to be for a baby quilt, but then it got morphed into a quilt for our spare room. 

I dithered for ages about which colour to use for sashing.  Then I didn't have the backing, or the binding, so I dithered a bit more.  And then I wasn't sure about how to quilt it, so I dithered even more.  But finally we have that tah dah moment

In the end I went with the charcoal sashing , because I thought the orange would overwhelm it, but I managed to get the orange in on the binding!

And for the first time ever I quilted it with something other than white thread -  orange for this one.  Randomly spaced wavy lines in the centrepanel, with a sort of a stained glass window pattern on the borders.  I usually do a stippled pattern, and I really wanted to do something a little different with this quilt.  This one is for me, so I didn't matter too much if it came out a bit dodgy!  I was surprised what a difference it makes to the feel of the quilt.  A more open quilting gives it  a much softer drape, whereas the stippling makes it slightly stiffer

And the back

I tried to piece this to reflect the stained glass of the front.

And finally Ted reminded me he has to have a shot with every new quilt

I think it's a really beautiful quilt but if I'm honest,  I'm not over keen on the charcoal sashing.  A bit of me still wishes I'd gone for the orange (A lesson for the future to go with your insincts).  Gordon has labelled it my depressed quilt (in depressing colours)!

If you'd  like to see the other versions of this quilt, pop over to the flickr group and see what everyone else has done with this pattern

Thanks Sarah for doing all the hard work, getting this pattern together.  I thought it was stunning the first time I saw it, and I'm so glad I joined in.  Just so sorry it took so long!

This is also the first finish for the Q4 FAL


  1. It's a great finish Di and I'm sure you will come to love your depressed quilt! My stained quilt is lying in a corner after a quilting disaaaaaster dahling. I have a lot of unpicking in my future before it gets requilted after the machine is repaired :-(

  2. Hi Dianne! This is so beautiful quilt! Colours are wonderful and your quilting is really good! I love bright colours but sometimes we need to make something darker too and here the charcoal fits perfectly! Next time you can enjoy orange. x Teje

  3. It's a gorgeous quilt! Well done on the finish. I like the charcoal sashings, but maybe it's a bit heavy for the border? As soon as I saw the backing I picked up the symbolism, before I read it. So clever! I discovered today I was one of those no reply bloggers, all fixed up now.

  4. I think it looks great and I'm sur you'll come to love the charcoal sashing. I love the back, the piecing is a perfect compliment to the front.

  5. Well I love it with the charcoal and the orange binding is such a great pop! Fabulous finish. The quilting in the borders looks great too x

  6. It's brilliant. And I actually think the charcoal sashing and orange binding is the right decision. It frames the stained blocks perfectly. Now cheer up because we all love it!

  7. Well done that woman - you'e really on a roll at the moment! I love the charcoal and orange too!!

  8. Silly, it's not depressing, it's sophisticated! And I think the charcoal and orange are the right way round too...

  9. Sometimes, like if you are feeling a bit under the weather, you will be thankful for the muted colours and charcoal, sometimes 'happy' quilts are not what are required.
    And I think it looks great anyway and love the backing xxx

  10. It's a great finish and I really like the pops of orange

  11. I think that is it more like the sophisticated quilt, not depressed at all. I love the back and the orange thread and the quilting styles. It is beautiful.

  12. This really is a lovely quilt Di. And I agree with Leanne - it's a very classy quilt.

  13. What a stunning quilt, Di! Congratulations, that must be such a satisfying feeling.
    How have you been since Blogtoberfest? I just wanted to let you know that I'm hosting another (albeit gentler and more introspective) blog challenge over the month of December called #reverb12.
    Would be so rapt if you joined us!
There's a little giveaway too. :-)

    Details here: http://isawyoudancing.blogspot.com.au/p/reverb12.html

    Take care,

    Kat xxx