06 November 2012

Woo Hoo x 2

I have been having serious doubts about our post lady recently.   I've been waiting so patiently for 2 parcels to arrive, and as they days passed, and they didn't arrive, the post lady was the chief suspect!

But yesterday my patience was rewarded and both were waiting for me together in our post box.

First excitement is my Mouth Stitches tote.  I know many of you have been involved in this, but for those who haven't followed it, we had to make a bag for our secret partner, using this simple tote bag pattern.  And who would have thought that there could be so many variations on the theme, and all of them wonderful.  Seriously, I would have been happy to get any of them.

But this one has been made especially for me!  By Sue at Sewlikesue, and she was inspired by my love of my garden and in particular, the flowers I grow.  And pink and green are one of my favourite colour combinations

The front is foundation pieced flower - it seems Sue and I to share a love of foundation piecing.

 And the back has some lovely hexies and is hand quilted around each of them

And the inside is really pretty too

As you can see, it not only matches the t shirt I was wearing, but it also matches my cheeks.  I had just cooked and eaten a seriously warm curry, hence the flushes cheeks

And finally a sweet key fob, which is already in use

So thanks to Sue for such a lovely bag and key fob - It couldn't have been any better for me

The second woo hoo was for a small parcel I received from Simply solids.   I recently entered a giveaway at Pippas Patch, to celebrate her 1st blogiversary, and I won.   The prize was a 10 pound voucher for Simply Solids.  I've had my eye on the Mama Said Sew line for a while, so I thought I'd use my voucher to buy myself a charm pack.  

Oh the colours and designs of this are just so wonderful.   Much better in real life than on the computer.  I have plans to maybe use this for my month in the Sew Eur-bee-an Bee.   Or maybe I might make some cushion covers for the lounge.

Thanks for the giveaway Pippa, and once again, happy blogiversary

Whilst I was ordering this, 2 fat eights packs of Kona shot cottons just happened to fall into my basket too!

They are so very  popular at the moment I thought I should give them a try, but now I have them, I'm really not sure about them. The word "grunge" springs to mind!  I think I need a nice project to show them off to their full advantage.  Any ideas anyone?

Well that's enough excitement for me for a few weeks!   Back to normal today - no post at all.  I'm having problems with my next block for the stitch tease bee.  I'm struggling to get the maths right and keep cutting the blocks too small.   At the rate I'm going on, it'll be 1" squares!


  1. Gorgeous bag Di - and it suits you to a tee!

  2. That bag is sweet! It suits you perfectly I think!

  3. So glad the post lady will no longer need to be interrogated!

  4. that is a beauty of a bag that you received, really, really like it

  5. That bag is so "YOU". It's nice that our partners "get" us.

  6. Great bag, and the fussy cut shoes on the key fob are so cute.

  7. Loads of fab goodies there, so kind of the postie to oblige all in a oner!