29 December 2012

Back to reality

It's nice to see everyone emerging from the Christmas festivities again, some intact, others a little grotty around the edges due to the Chrismtas lurgy.  Funny how it always comes when we relax after all that activity.  We were largely lurgy free, although I now have a problem with toothache, or some sort of infection, which will probably end  up as a trip to A & E, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can manage without!

We had a lovely Christmas staying with my husbands family in the UK, just arriving back last night.  The weather was pretty horrible, but we had a lovely, if very wet walk around Foremark reservoir on Christmas morning,

 with a welcome stop for coffee and mince pies half way round of coarse.

I didn't take many photos, but you have to see Bridget's tree, as it looked magnificent with the pressies under it.

We didn't have a car to get around, but I did manage to catch up with my brother and SIL, and old friends Carol and Clive came over to see us with their children, who I haven't seen for years and who are now all grown up, and where did the time go?

Bridget and I managed to get over to a Loughborough on Monday morning to do a little fabric shopping, before everything closed.  She is now set up with cutting board, ruler, rotary cutter and basting pins.  She has to make a quilt for a colleague who is expecting a baby in March, and after a lot of consideration and changing of minds, we decided to keep it simple, and bought a charm back of Bungle jungle and some dotty fabric for the sashing.

I don't seem to be able to turn this photo around.  I didn't think that the monkey looked right, but several of her friends on Facebook thought it was OK, so the monkey stays and the quilt is already named "Keep the Monkey"! I think there will be a few phone calls and Skype calls during the quilt making process! Well I hope there will be.

I also managed to pick up some fabric to make some much needed new table mats

Although I probably haven't got enough.  Hey ho.

So we're off now to get the dogs from the kennels.  They are going to be uncontrollably excited and very probably smelly.  I think a long walk will be required, followed by a log fire and a film!   That's after I've done all the washing of course.


  1. Glad you survived the holidays intact and that all is well. Enjoy the fire and film!

  2. Ooooh a winter walk with coffee and mince pies?! How awesome is that!! And that tree... Gordon Bennett. Thats a fair ol' whopper. Sounds like you really had a fabulous time. Now give poor pooches a cuddle for me :-)

  3. It sounds like Christmas was a wonderful time with family. I like the fabric you bought and will be watching to see those table mats come to life. xo

  4. I love the Bungle Jungle, I'm just sewing the binding on a car seat quilt cover thingie for a baby the neighbours are due to have in about 2 weeks and I totally fell in love with it, am tempted to buy some of the normal yardage for me lol... Can't wait to see the table mats, enjoy your film
    pip x

  5. Welcome home Di - your Christmas sounds lovely and you are going to have some lovely tablemats there.

  6. Glad you had a great Christmas, despite the crap weather!

  7. That tree is fantastic! Your Christmas sounds lovely, and that stack for your table runner is beautiful - look forward to seeing it :o)

  8. Welcome home, hope it's not accompanied by a trip to A&E. Can't believe you haven't got enough fabric though ;o)

  9. Looks and sounds like an excellent time. I love the idea of a Keep the Monkey quilt, I hope you have fun quilting together via skype.

  10. Well, the weather looks very British! Sounds like a lovely catch up with family and friends. I love the name Keep the Monkey. I think he looks fine. If you haven't got enough fabric you'll just have to buy more!

  11. Love the sound of your Christmas..talk about organised.You took mince pies and hot drinks on a walk. Im lucky if I remember my house keys !

    Love the name of the Keep the Monkey quilt. Brilliant!