04 December 2012

Extreme quilting

Remember my Sister in Law, Bridget?  In summer we had a girlie sewing weekend and she made this quilt, her very first ever


I never did get a photo of the finished quilt.

Then I got her interested in making some EPP blocks with me for a family heirloom quilt


Bridget has recently been on a holiday in South America, taking in all the sights and travelling through Bolivia, Peru and Brazil.  Being ever so slightly on the mad side of normal, she took her blocks with her and was photographed sewing in all the best places.

Macha pichu

On a posh train travelling through Peru - I told her off for not looking at the scenery, but she did say seen one llama, you've seen em all!

Rio de Janeiro from Sugar Loaf Mountain (I presume)

By the pool

With Christ the Redeemer

On Copacabana beach

And her finished blocks

So if you add them to the 10 (almost 11) that I have, then our heritage quilt is coming along nicely.

And I would have shown you a further photo, but unfortunately I have this message when I upload a photo. 

Whoops! You're out of space. You are currently using 100% of your 1 GB quota for photos. Upgrade storage
Photos are stored in your Picasa Web Albums account and are included in your 1 GB free quota for photos. Additional storage you purchase is shared between several Google products and is in addition to your free quota. Learn more

Has anyone else had this?  Is there a solution other than paying?   Help here would be VERY much appreciated!

What a horrible end to a nice post. 

Anyway Bridget, thanks for taking all these photos just for me!   You are a star.


  1. LOve the pics of your SIL - I would be the same about the Llama scenery ;-)

  2. Great pics! That reminds me that I have some squares waiting to be sent your way. I'll pop them in the post this week.

  3. I think I had that message many moons ago and handed over cash in a panic.... Fabulous blogpost and photos, your SIL is apparently completely nuts and utterly utterly genius. I think I'd love sewing with you two!

  4. Love those photos. I had the same message and checked with a few others who had coughed up, so have now done the same. Only a couple of pounds each month

  5. I haven't written a blogpost for 3 weeks due to the same problem. And I don't have enough time to figure it out right now. Somehow I don't want to pay for blogging ;o( Love the photos btw...!

  6. I haven't written a blogpost for 3 weeks due to the same problem. And I don't have enough time to figure it out right now. Somehow I don't want to pay for blogging ;o( Love the photos btw...!

  7. Shrink your pics to max 800px on PicMonkey then you can still keep uploading (remind me to explain properly tomorrow!).

  8. I coughed up the money too and never a problem now. I love the photo with Christ. I took a soft toy goldfish (named Gordon for the record) all round the world taking his photo everywhere I could. My best was in the church in Bethlehem on the star where they say Jesus was born. Further details only by email. ;-)

  9. fabulous blocks and even more fabulous are the photos of your SIL making them. What a trip!

  10. I had this message last week! I found the solution Hadley suggests (reducing your photo size to make more space) and couldn't face it so I pay the £2 a month.

    FABULOUS photos. I mean, the pp's themselves are awesome but what an amazing journey they've been on. Cool cool cool.

  11. I love the pictures xx it seems lots of people have been getting this message recently xx hope you find a solution xx

  12. All the best of us do that you know ;o) As for the storage, well, I always shrink mine to 100k before uploading, which leaves me rather a lot of space even with 3 blogs to support! The only way to avoid the cost now would be delete some older ones, but then you'd have old empty posts. Or just cough up ;o)

  13. Fabulous photographs, fabulous Bridget.

    Fiona x

  14. Your SiL is hilarious and clearly ridiculously talented! I love your blocks and the photos are gorgeous.

  15. That's a very cool idea...like the guy who danced in front of every major landmark in the world- but better because it involves sewing !

    I coughed up ages ago for extra space but I think I only paid $5.00 for a huge amount of storage not ongoing fees every month!