01 December 2012

Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts 

It's a beautiful day here for the 1st of December.  Cold but blue skies and sunny.  We've been for a lovely walk with the dogs this morning.

For the first time ever I can sit here on the first of the month, pat myself on the back and say what a good month I had.   I'm usually grovelling saying not much happened, but now that I've put the garden to bed, I've had more time to sew.  And I've even worked full time this month too!

My first big finish, which deserves it's own spot, was my Terraced garden, which started life in February as the Stained Quilt.   I prevaricated a lot on this one, but finally finished it a couple of weeks ago

 Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know I was unsure of the sashing.  I really wanted to go for orange, but felt it would be too much.   I think I was right about the charcoal, but just not sure about the heavy border, which I added to make the quilt fit the spare bed a bit better.

I made a giant stained back to match the front.  I think it worked rather well.  You can read all about it here, should you wish to see more!.  This quilt also counts as my first finish for the 2012 Q4 FAL.

I finished a couple of Christmas ornaments for a secret swap

And an advent calendar for my friend. As predicted she thinks it's great, and has two hyper children dying to open them all at once!   They are hung VERY high around the kitchen unit to stop this happening!

I also made a secret swap pressie for one of the ladies in my Stitch Tease Group, but I can't show that until it's arrived unfortunately.

I took part in the Travelling Stitch Blog Hop run by Katy and Laura, which finished yesterday.  I picked a photo of myself in Tiannanmen square, standing almost exactly where my mum stood about 25 years ago.
 From this I took the main colours and made another snowball block to go with the other half dozen I have made.

I made two blocks for this months princess bee in the Sew Euro-bee-an bee


And two secret blocks for the Stitch Tease Bee, which unfortunately I can't show you either!

There are a few other small finishes too which I haven't photographed yet, so they can wait until December.   I think this is enough to be going on with don't you?

So I'm linking up with Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's quilts, and I'm off to see what everyone else has been up to.  Have a nice weekend


  1. You must be so chuffed with your terraced garden quilt...it looks truly glorious, back AND front.

    F x

  2. I really love your stained quilt Dianne - I think the border works really well! Did it really start in feb? Mine is still just pieces in ziplock bags - maybe it will be done before next feb?! I love your snowball block, too.

  3. I love your terraced garden quilt and think the charcoal is just the right colour for the sashing. the orange binding sets it off nicely too. Also, the advent calendar is cool! So much work involved in that. It would have to be very high for my three aged 3-9 to not get into it!

  4. I think your quilt and the border.. look wonderful, I esp like the orange binding on the edges xx
    You have been busy xx ... can you keep it up? lol xx

  5. Lots of great makes, love the Christmas wall hangings

  6. It is so nice to see that beautiful quilt again, I love it. You had a lovely month, full time work and all.

  7. How did I miss your Stained?! Its awesome. Really lovely. The orange binding is PERFECT!

  8. It's so satisfying finishing up long-term quilts isn't it?!
    You have a great month xxx

  9. Go you, super productive there! I need to Stitch Tease SS tomorrow. I've got the pattern drawn out though at least!

  10. You had an awesome month ...I had no idea you got so many different things done. Go you!