11 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This was the view from our office window this morning.  I find it hard to drag myself away and do some work!

Not only is the snow making me feel very Christmassy, but also, we have had two Christmas Dinners in the last two days.  On Sunday we invited some Czech friends over for their first ever English Christmas Dinner, and they loved it, even the bread sauce, which personally I think is devils food.  The Christmas Pudding went in double quick time! Here's the table all set up ready

Last night Malcolm, an English guy living over here, came round and helped mop up some of the leftovers.  We've had cold meat and pickles for tea tonight, and there's still enough left for the rest of the week!

The table looks good, but personally, I'd rather see it like this!

 I'll be restoring this to it's former glory tomorrow!

And just to really get into the Christmas spirit, here's a couple of Christmas trees. 

At work:

and at home

Two for the price of one.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


  1. Your trees look fabulous. I love the lights on your home one. Mr. P put our lights on without checking them this year and they dont work! Looks like we'll be going light shopping at the after Christmas sales!

  2. That's how my dining room usually looks, too!

  3. Love the snow scene and also think bread sauce is devil food ;-)

  4. In an ideal world we would have two tables. One for eating and one for sewing. Loving your trees, and the snow. Proper snow!

  5. How lovely to be feeding the masses :-) Its nice to share food at Christmas time innit. But I'm afraid I do agree, second table looked way more appealing to me ;-)
    Love the new blog look by the way!

  6. Yeah, my dining table became my permanent craft table about 5 years ago, ask Sarah, people that stay here eat off their laps ;o)

  7. oh, Happy Christmas. It's almost here

  8. You might just be having a white Christmas!

    Fiona x

  9. Your snowy photo is beautiful!! I love your dining room in its two states (I have the same 'issue')...what's this about devil's food? I love it. I also love meat and pickles. Actually I just love food :0))

  10. It is indeed - have fun!!
    (PS I'm with you on the bread sauce - tastes like wallpaper paste!)