20 December 2012

Secret Santa

We ladies in the Stitch Tease bee have done a Secret Santa this year, and whilst everyone else had their swaps ages, mine was a little bit late getting here.  But they do say good things come in late packages (well they do now) and finally I received my package from Santa, who is really Danny for the purposes of this excercise.

I have a lovely loop with an Arizona cactus on, decorated by hand for Christmas.  The cactus has tiny lights sewn onto it.  It's just so cute and is already hanging in the kitchen

Thanks Danny! And thank you for all the other goodies that I forgot to photograph!

My secret partnter was Katy, who requested
1. Mini bunting
2. An ornament I can hang on my living room door (as I have no tree!)
3. Mug-rug sized mini I can hang up

So I thought I'd combine the bunting with ornaments as she doesn't have a tree.

I can't find the photo I took anywhere, so I'm going to have to steal Katy's


I also entered a Christmas Tree Ornament swap over at Christine Lowry Designs.  My first ornament came all the way from Oz. It looks beautiful on my tree, and even gordon was impressed by it, which is pretty impressive as he doesn't get over-excited by Christmas!

Santa has actually been quite busy recently, but I have to sort out the photos, so maybe I can show you tomorrow!


  1. You got some lovely gifts there. I haven't received my ornaments yet but hope I will before Christmas.
    I absolutely love the bunting you made for Katy!

  2. Beautiful presents Dianne! Merry Christmas to you! x Teje

  3. That wee cactus is so cute, and I loved the bunting when Katy showed it. Great secret Santa swap. And the purple ornament is brilliant too.

  4. The hoop is great, and love a bit of sparkle at Christmas x

  5. Beautiful gifts Di! I especially like the hoop. A perfect reminder of friends far away.

  6. So glad you received your gift before you travel off to points afar. The cactus is so perfect from Danny. I loved the ornament bunting when Katy shared it.

  7. Hee hee, love the hoop, and the wee ornament. Thanks again for the bunting, the flatmate is still slightly puzzled ;o)

  8. Smashing bunting and smashing gifts, x