10 December 2012

Shearwater kaftan

Going back into the mists of time, I started making this tunic.

 Shearwater Kaftan - Sewing pattern by Make it Perfect

It's called the Sheerwater Kaftan from Make it Perfect.

I fully intended to make it for a weeks holiday we had in Egypt last November, but it didn't happen.   It's taken me the full twelve months but at last it's finished, and came on holiday this year instead.  Here we are just making our way to a hard day by the pool

It was a nice easy pattern to make, but to be honest I made it a bit small and it was very tight across the top of my arms.  And the opening at the front flops down very lazily!  If I make it again (unlikely but you  never know)I would hand stitch the hems around the bottom and the sleeves, rather than top stitching it at the pattern suggest.  The voile fabric is lovely to wear though.  And it's another finish for this quarters FAL.

Talking of the holiday, I obly have about 700 photos to show you!  No need to panic - I'm not going to show you them all! Just few photo mosaics.  We were in The Gambia

A birdwatchers paradise, and we got to see baboons, and a croc.

Beautiful flowers

The fish market - the highlight of the holiday

Out and about
We had a lovely relaxing time, and had great fun with our friends.  It has set us up ready for winter, which is just as well as the snow is falling fast right now.


  1. I am trying not to be jealous. I am sure you take my holidays for me or something.

  2. It looks great! I'm with Susan on the being jealous front. The tunic looks fab too....and if you hadn't told us all the negatives we'd never have guessed!

  3. it looks wonderful xx ONLY 700... not many more to go then xx lol xx

  4. I have to admit that until you said you were going there, I had never heard of the Gambia. I had to google it. Glad you had a lovely time and I bet you r tunic was nice and cool to wear there.

  5. Your kaftan looks lovely and your holiday sounds fabulous. Like the ladies commenting above I try very hard not to be jealous :-)

  6. LOVE that Kaftan top. I have a couple that are similar and I wear them all the time. Kudos for making it - I piked and bought mine. Dont do clothes sewing here !

  7. Love your kaftan and how lovely to have been away in the heat!

  8. Looks like you and your top had a lovely trip, even if you didn't always get on ;o)