16 December 2012

The post that should have been

I had yesterday planned.  Gordon was returning from a trip to Blighty yesterday evening, so I went off late afternoon and fitted in a little shopping.  The plan was to pick him up from Brno airport at 8:00, home to the curry that was festering in the slow cooker, then a blog post before bed.  Best laid plans, and all that.  Due to fog, his flight was diverted to Bratislava and he was bussed back to Brno, ETA 11:00.  So I had a 3 hour wait (thanks goodness for Tesco 24 hour shopping!) and we got home at midnight.  No blog post.

So what was I going to tell you?

Well, I was a little concerned yesterday, that I was coming down with something.   I spent the morning baking.  Yes, me!  And truthfully everything was a success

Mince Pies

There were 18 but, well, you have to test them don't you?

Mince-meat turnovers made from the leftover pastry.  As tough as old boots, but lovely with some custard!

I cannot explain why, but this year, I have felt the need to make mince pies, and further more, ones that are edible.  This was my third lot of pastry, and this stuff is light and flaky.  Perfect.  The first batch needed a road drill, and the second batch wasn't much better.  I think the secret was slightly less moisture and a small inch of salt.

Spiced Banana and Oat Cookies

I used this recipe.

What else?  Oh yes, I finished my Japanese block cushion


 I used the same fabrics for a narrow sashing and the border, and the backing was something I bought locally.  I quilted the front with chevrons , grouped together in twos and threes.  I'm really pleased with this and will use this book again to make a few cushions for myself (some day!) It's off to it's new home today.

I spent Friday trying to write a tutorial, and by 8 at night I was about ready to scream.  It just wouldn't work right, and I ended up throwing it in a cupboard.  I've had another look at it this morning, and with a fresh pair of eyes (and brain) it all worked perfectly!  I can't show you anything yet though.  Sorry!

And finally, the most important thing yesterday, was that it would have been my mum's birthday.  Happy Birthday mum - I still miss you lots


Mum was always nicely turned out - unlike me who lives in jeans and forgets to put on makeup or brush her hair! OK, granted I was nicely turned out here, but that was the days when I used to wear suits!

Ok then, you've had enough for one post!  I have got some really good news, but that can wait for another day.  Have a nice rest-of-the-weekend.  



  1. hi dianne...just had a good catch up with my coffee......love the holiday snaps,the cushion, and especially that picture of the lights....what a hoot.

  2. The baking looks divine. The cushion is gorgeous and I love the photos of your mum. Sounds like you have a heart full of good memories of her.

  3. Your baking looks delicious, and I like the cushion! You get Tesco in Brno?! Hope Gordon got back not to wrecked and the curry was still edible too! Big hugs x

  4. Loved this post Di until I got to the last paragraph and then I realized that you are a rotten tease!!

  5. Cooking? You? Are you feeling okay? ;o) I also make turnovers with the leftover mince pie pastry, but I only do one, and it's all for me - bwahahahaha. I bought the stuff for mine, but haven't got to them yet, it'll probably happen next Sunday as that's when my parents arrive.

    Cushion's looking great!

  6. I've bookmarked the cookies for when I next have a banana no one wants to eat, they sound so yummy.
    Love your cushion, I'm sure the recipient is going to be very happy with it.

  7. great pictures of your mum. And your cooking looks delicious

  8. My first question is are you feeling Ok ? You’re my non baking buddy and I sneak off for the weekend to come back and find out you’ve been baking behind my back ...you haven’t gone over to the dark side have you?

    Your mince pies look wonderful . Taste testing is part of the process – how else are you going to know if they’re edible.

    Your Mum looks every inch a lady in those pictures.

  9. Baking-check
    Mum-lovely memories
    Surprises-can't wait!

  10. I feel for your hubby - 4 years ago in January - Zaki and I were diverted to Fes because of fog and we had a 9 hour bus journey. Zaki was 7 months old and I had very little milk, little money and no credit in my phone - thank God for 2 angels who helped me carry bags, fed us, lent me money. I travel a little more prepared now :-) Mincepies look yummy and the cushion is beautiful! Lovely images of your mum.x

  11. Great baking, great cushion, crappy fog and happy Birthday Mum xxx