19 January 2013

Bee blocks

I don' know if it's the weather or not, but all the bee-ers in the Sitch Tease Bee have suddenly woken up after Christmas and there are e-mails flying about showing finished blocks.  As this is a secret bee, we don't get to show them off in public until the quilt tops have been finished and send off to the recipients, so all we can do is show sneaky previews.  My first new years finish was a strip for Danny, and she asked for anything!  Yes, anything.  She gave us free reign to do what we wanted , just as long as it was bright!

And it's bright.  It didn't quite turn out like I planned though.  I calculated I needed 5 x 12inch blocks to do the strip, and it wasn't until I measured it at the end that I reailised I needed 6. Duh!

Just as an aside, when Di named this bee, Strip Tease was a possible name, but we thought that that might cause us a few problems.  Quite rightly as it happened.   I have the name Strip Tease in my brain, and the file in outlook containing all my mails with photos of the strips that have been made, is called Strip Tease.  Try explaining that one to the young technician (well, I guess he was young, they all are aren't they?) who was trying to resolve my e-mail problem the other day!  If he could only see my red face! And once you start trying to explain, it all seems to get worse!.

The other bee blocks I have finished are for Nicole in the Sew Euro-bee-an Bee.  She wanted the x and + blocks and sent some lovely fabrics out.  These are my two blocks

I really like the second one, where I used the colour for the X instead of the +.  This was a nice block to make and I believe it is the subject of the latest scrappytripalong.

There no sewing going on here at the moment as we're decorating my sewing room the dining room.

Yesterday morning

The paint is much more green in real life, and I'll swear it's not the same as it was on the colour card!
Choosing colours to paint the house is generally traumatic as Gordon and I have totally different tastes. He likes Bright and I like more muted. I see soothing, he sees dull.  He sees happy and I see headache.  Combine that with the fact that mixing paint colours is fairly new here and unless we go to the big city, choice is fairly limited.  Hence our colours are nearly always a compromise, and this is sooooo NOT the colour I wanted!   But I'm warming to it and  as long as it looks OK with the chairs, it stays.  If it looks awful with the curtains I can always change them (one day).  It wasn't expensive fabric.

Off to paint a second coat - we should be finished by tonight.  Have a nice day!


  1. Yat for the teasers! The colour looks lovely in the picture, shame it is not the same in real life xxx

  2. Another strip. Woohoo! If the colour is okay but not entirely your thing then cover up lots of it with your design wall.

  3. Don't those x & + blocks look great in those fabrics.

  4. You're so welcome for planting the Strip Tease idea ;o) That paint certainly is bright, hope you can ease into it (I'm with you on the soothing colours!)

  5. OOooh that's bright...you wild young things!!! I'm feeling very guilty about the Stitch Tease bee - everyone has sprung into action except me - next weekend is going to be devoted to it!!

  6. I think everyone is making blocks because we are all behind! Yours is next for me. Lovely blocks and good luck with the decorating :-)

  7. Now as your fearless leader, I am sheepishly admitting I am behind. I have a few more weeks to finish Katy's block and then it's my last. Bella's. I too always write strip tease instead of stitch tease. Maybe we have a calling in another life? Huh?Your bee blocks are lovely.

  8. The blocks look lovely. I like the red one as it reminds me of a union jack. We start to decorate my craft room ..... erm I mean the study next week. Happy painting.

  9. Loving the sneak peeks ...it makes me wonder how fabulous the whole thing is going to look.

    Im imagining that conversation with the tech guy and finding it so funny. Been there – done that .

    I like that paint colour. Mr. P and I fortunately agree on paint colours for our house. We both like muted and calm and neutral. People who come here often expect a riot of colour because that’s the way I dress and that’s the way I quilt but I like to be surrounded by calming colours and non cluttered spaces at home.

  10. Just passing through and noticed the awesome threads.

  11. Oh Strip Tease. I always try to catch myself when I'm talking about it, but it always comes out wrong! I've been making like crazy too! Working on my 5th block this week!! It's been a busy week for me...