11 January 2013

Favourite Things Friday

It's back - Favourite Things Friday over at Quiting in my Pyjamas!  I'm so pleased - I really like reading everyones Favourite Things, and, from time to time I quite enjoy writing a blog that doesn't necessarily focus on sewing.  Shay 's favourite thing this week is a new food mixer! Which, I have to say, looks splendid.

So this Friday, My Favourite Thing is actually this Friday.  A number of reasons

Reason no 1.  Friday is the new weekend.  This year both Gordon and I are working reduced hours and this Friday is our first day off together.  There will be more, but this one is the only first one!

Reason no 2.  We went for a lovely walk with the dogs for almost 2 hours this morning.  The walk started in the snow, and finished in the sunshine.   I think Liska loves the snow.

And she certainly loves the boss

Reason no 3.  My new computer arrived today.  Woo hoo!.  My old Dell Inspiron has served me well for almost 7 years but is showing it's age.  It's slow, the touch pad doesn't work properly, the battery is shot and occassionally it just sticks it's electronic thumb up it's electronic a**e and won't work!  It's had new. go-faster stripes fitted and I've spent a fair bit over the last two years keeping it going but it's time to send it to a well earned retirement. But it's been brilliant, and when it came to choosing a new one, I had to stick with Dell. So meet my new Dell Inspiron

Look, there's not a single mark on that screen!

I'm not allowed to even turn it on because it's Gordon's job to set it all up for me, and he's not doing that until tomorrow.  So this could be my old Dell's last post - literally and figuratively.

Reason no 4.   Steak, Mushrooms and home made oven chips for tea (or dinner if you're posh).  We went shopping the the Cash & Carry today and they have great meat and fish counters.  We bought a lovely piece of salmon which has been cut up and frozen, and some steak for dinner.  Those of you who live in America will not appreciate how easily you can buy good steak.  It's not so available here, and the stuff in the supermarkets is only good for souling your shoes.  But Makro have lovely steak, and we treated ourselves to a piece each.  Guess which is mine?

Gordon actually didn't think he would be able to eat all of his, but I never doubted him for a moment!

I've had a lovely Friday, and hope you did too, whatever your favourite thing is!



  2. Now that's what I call living in the now :-) Sounds like you had a great day. I hope your weekend will be just as good. x

  3. Yea for Fridays with Gordon and your very beautiful dog! We had steak last night and it was delish.

  4. Sounds like the perfect Friday to me!

  5. hope your Fridays continue as they started xx

  6. Lovely blog, and that photo of boss and Liska is adorable!

  7. Sounds like a great day! Oh, and tea is what the posh people round our bit have, we just have dinner lol

  8. ooh that's put me in mind for supper tonight....really agree with the sentiment in your last post, this is supposed to be fun and life enhancing, not the opposite. love the curved quilt....am building up to curves but need my new machine(its still in its box somewhere in the world-as yet to choose!)

  9. that just sounds like the perfect day. We do take food for granted here, for sure. Looks like a good dinner was enjoyed!