02 January 2013

Oh what a finish

I spent New Year's Eve in front of the fire, nursing the hole in my tooth ( which is much better now, and thank you all for your good wishes!) but managed to achieve my last finish of 212. And what a finish.

Do you remember back in spring, I asked The Question That No-one Ever Asks.    Why do people knit socks?  Helen is a very accomplished sock knitter - one of her posts sparked the question, and I got a very comprehensive answer. So instead of just poo pooing sock knitting I gave it a try. You may remember these photos of sock no. 1

Sock No 1 was finished in May, and since then I have been an infrequent sock knitter.  But I have plodded on, getting quite a bit done over Christmas.  And finally, when others were out partying on New Years Eve, at approximately 10:55 pm, I finished sock number 2.

Almost there

Spiderman watching on with interest.  He's probably thinking they would match his outfit!

And both of them together
By now we had moved on to Reservoir Dogs - I really really hate this film!
So Helen, I made it.  I'm not sure whether or not I have ticked all the boxes of why you knit socks

Here’s your reasons …
  • 1.They are comfort food for your feet. I never pull on a pair of delicious bright, smooshy, soft, cosy socks and don’t think aaaaaah. - I've not had time to confirm or deny this yet.  Certainly from a brief wearing of them, they are very comfortable and they don't droop down like I thought they would
  • 2. Every time I look at a newly and nicely turned heel I have a sense of achievement – a ‘wow aren’t you clever’ pat on the back.  -It was certainly one of those "Oh look!" when it all drops into place.
  • 3. Socks are small and can be whipped up in next to no time. - Well it took me the best part of 8 months, but I did get distracted halfway through with  EPP!   Under normal circumstance, I would agree with this one!
  • 4 Socks can be as outrageous as you like and it’s okay!  This is hugely liberating! - Totally agree with this one. 
  • 5. Because they are small, socks are easy on the wallet and before long sock knitters accumulate a multicoloured yarn stash - Not going there, I can tell you that right now!
  • 5. Socks are immensely portable and can be popped into your handbag – totally agree.  Great for holidays too.
  • 6. Handknitted socks make the perfect gift for half the population. The other half see them as the gift from hell, so it’s important you know who you are dealing with.- Any friends or family reading this can drop me a line to let me know which camp you are in, just in case I'm tempted to give them as gifts!
  • 7. Amazing as it may seem, there are endless variations of socks out there – you need never get bored knitting socks.  I am already looking for the next pattern!
  • 8. Of course handknit socks are a bit of a lifestyle item – they work for me because I work from home, live in the country, own an AGA and would raise chickens if I could. They are probably not your thing if you wear stilettos to a smart office every day and lots of skirts. - I think I fit into this category too!
  • 9. Once you have worn a fabulous pair of hand-knit socks I defy you to ever go back to your old ways! - Too soon to tell.  As I currently have just the one pair, I think I will have to fall back on M& S!
To sum up, I have enjoyed my sock knitting, and will certainly do some more.  Why? Well, I think my main monivation is  number 7, there are so many different patterns out there, and someone has to knit them!  Thanks Helen, for opening up a whole new world to me!


  1. I just started sock knitting this Christmas and I now have one and a half socks! So satisfying and a wonderful sense of accomplishment! Your socks look great, well done! I will be making a lot more I think :)

  2. Beautiful finish. But I just can't seem to knit well enough to conquer this. I am a scarf knitter and no more. I'd gladly accept a pair if hand knit socks. I would treasure them since it is something that I just cannot fathom making.

  3. OOOOOHHHHHH! I'm SO proud!!!! I knew you could do it!!!!

  4. Oh yes, they match Spidey perfectly, well done :oD Being horribly allergic to wool, I leave the sock knitting to my mum, who churns out kilt hose for my dad at a rate of a pair a year (they're huge big knee high things with complex patterns)

  5. Great finish. I am nearly finished with a scarf that has taken a while to knit!

  6. Fabulous feet! If I was a knitter I'd be tempted. But I'm sooo not. Not when I could be playing with fabric... But cannot and would not deny they looks wonderful, and I'll bet they are jolly comfy too. Well done.

  7. The finished pair look great, well done - but the construction stage looks like brain surgery to me!

  8. Great story Dianne and beautiful socks! Well done - you'll see there will be more socks on your needles! I didn't knit socks but last few years I have made so many pairs and (un)fortunately all my family and friends likes to use them! even me here in Greece! Winter is cold and the floor is freezing - or I'm just getting old? x Teje

  9. Great finish and yes Spiderman would probably love that pair as they match his outfit perfectly. I will never knit socks as I'd probably wear them less than half a dozen times during a year. It's just not cold enough to take the time to make them. BUT, if I lived in a cold climate I'd be in a knitting frenzy.

  10. Oh they are gorgeous! I have sheepskin boots permanently attached to my feet in winter, so I think I would 'get' knitted socks :o)

  11. They look fab, I'm tempted to start knitting them as I currently pay huge money for woolen knee high ones :)

  12. Rocking the socks there Di. They do look fabulously warm . You did a great job.

    I cant knit a thing unless its square (and even then I have to get my Mum to cast off for me ) so socks definitely wont be appearing on my blog anytime soon.