31 January 2013

Really Random Thursday

Here's a selection of totally random tings that have happened to me this week.

  • One of our cats, George has a waste paper bin fetish

Not normally too much of problem, just a few tissues.  But not so much fun when I've been        trimming scraps!

  • I hate having  my photo taken, because I always think I look like some toothy, grinning, blinking idiot.  But I have to say I love this photo of me, and have added it to my side bar.

It was totally un-posed, when Gordon was playing with his new lens. It's the first decent photo of me I've seen in years, wrinkles and all.

  • The temporary filling I had in my tooth at the beginning of January has broken and an old filling in the same tooth has come out completely.  I'm off to the dentist again tomorrow.  I go that often I have my own parking space!

  • Saturday night was minus 13 degrees C.  Today was +17 on our patio.

  • Last summer was our first year with a pool.  I was in denial about the heating costs, but having received the bill today, I was pleasantly surprised that it is very slightly lower than the previous year.   So to anyone visiting this summer, it's ok, the pool heating will be on!
  • What did you Google today?   I googled S.E.P.A. and found out that it stands for Single Euro Payments Area and apparently simplifies and speeds up payments within the Euro Zone.  Something good has come out of the EU then.  Actually that's not fair - living in the Czech Republic, my life is so much simpler because of the EU,  in many, many ways.
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  1. SEPA is also the Scottish Environment Protection Agency :oD Good luck at the dentist!

  2. Poor you, hope you get on ok with the dantist.
    I love the photo, it's a cracker.
    Also - Solar Electric Power Association !!!

  3. It's a nice photo...but if I'm honest you look younger and less wrinkly in real life!!!

  4. Lovely photo but agree with Helen, you do look younger in RL... SEPA is great, instant payments throughout Europe :) love it

  5. Good luck at the dentist. The photo is a very nice one. I never can take a serious one myself. I tend to look mad.

  6. AAh Katy got there first! Yup, my mans mate works for S.E.P.A, the one Katy mentioned tho not yours.
    Great photo, and good for you putting it on the blog. :-)

  7. I too like the photo, those twinkling eyes and that look.

  8. That is a lovely photo of you.
    I hope your trip to the dentist won't be too painful. Good luck!

  9. I agree, it's a lovely photo, you look relaxed.
    I googled the population of Brisbane today and was amazed to find it was well over 2 million. I thought it was way less than that.
    Good luck at the dentist.

  10. Unposed photos are always the most flattering and I love this one Di too!

  11. Oh yes, isnt the euro wonderful!Well, that's apart from the current exchange rate of course. We moved to France pre euro and I have to say that travelling around is so much easier. Love the photo - you have a kindly and intelligent look!!

  12. Super piccie and a right load of other random xxx

  13. look at you. I can't get a decent candid photo of me without the use of photoshop.

  14. Love that picture of you Di. You look gorgeous. I cringe often when I see pics of myself. There are so few that I actually like!