04 February 2013

It's been a mod-pod kind of a weekend

Thank you all for your best wishes for my dentist visit.  Sadly the tooth was beyond saving and is no more.  But I had NO pain at all, either during the extraction or afterwards.  Oh I feel so brave!

In between decorating the kitchen this weekend, and going to friends for a Chinese fondu yestrday, I made a good deal of progress with Mod Pod.

I finished the blocks on Wednesday, and carefully laid everything out to make sure I'd got an even distribution of fabrics.

But by the time I'd sewn the first edge on, they had mixed themselves up, and I'd got 3 duplicate patterns, and even though I'd pinned every joint, there were several that were slightly out, and a couple that were very out

So that seam had to be ripped and started again.  This is the bit about quilting that I really hate - I really don't like having to sew very long seams, with multiple seams to match up.  But I tackled it a bit at a time, in between catching up with episodes of Homeland, and the top was finished with minimal pain and effort.

I have re-named it the lumpy bumpy mod pod because it really is lumpy.  But hopefully most of the lumps will disappear when I've quilted it.

Then onto my knees for the basting, which was done with the help of the cats, whilst keeping out of the way of the TV as Gordon was watching the England/Scotland rugby match.  The right hand side was basted whilst I was lying flat out!

Bryn helping me lay the backing out flat

And both the boys making sure it didn't blow away!

And that is when the trouble started, officer.  I examined all the other finished Mod Pod quilts to see how they had been quilted.  I liked this one best but I wasn't sure I could manage all those individual circles.  But I made a start by echo quilting down one set of rings to see how I got on.  I had seriously underestimated how hard it is to turn all this quilt around those curves, which are quite sharp.  I did the first one quite well, but as I moved further left, and the amount of quilt built up on the right, I found it harder and harder, and the lines got wobblier and wobblier.  By the end of the third run down the quilt I gave up!  Maybe I was just tired, maybe I have no patience, maybe I'm still inexperienced, but whatever it is, it looked awful and I don't want to ruin it, so I ripped the lot out!

But what now?  My only idea is to FMQ the blue parts in a stipple pattern, so that I don't have to turn the quilt, and leave the green unquilted so that it pops out.  Unless of course you have any better ideas?


  1. I haven't a clue how to quilt it, but do think it looks brilliant. So I am no help at all - sorry!

  2. I love your mod pod, the colours are gorgeous. I'm not sure how to quilt it (but then that's what I struggle with all the time) but I like your suggestion of stippling the blue parts so the green ones pop.
    My daughter just looked at your profile picture and said: "She looks like a very nice lady, she's beautiful." There we go, out of the mouth of babes!

  3. Whoa, you are way ahead of e now Dianne! It looks brilliant.
    I haven't look ahead to quilting other that I will quilt in sections QAYG style and hope that the technique doen's take away from the overall pattern.
    Bet you really appreciated the cats' help.

  4. Oh it looks amazing Di - keep strong lol! I would do what I always do when in doubt and straight line quilt it 1" apart down the length of the quilt. Not sure that's the best option but it's probably the easiest! Love Elisabeth's daughter's comment :-)

  5. Plan 2 sounds good, you could try and do a more dense fmq than normal maybe, really make the green stand out? Love that you have such avid little helpers ;-)

  6. It looks beautiful Di. I have no idea either on how you should quilt it, as I struggle with how to quilt my own quilts. Your plan B sounds like a good plan.

  7. Di it looks brilliant and sorry you had a hard time :( Personally I think the stippling in the blue sounds like a great idea so go do that ;) x

  8. I skipped your first paragraph. I saw the D word...

    Ok- Quilt top looks absolutely brilliantly gorgeous. Sorry you had trouble with he quilting. I'd be sending that out for someone else to do a custom job...

  9. Looks fab, well done for finally beating that top into submission! I was putting the borders on Winterkissin' around the rugby ;o) No ideas on the quilting, but I'm sure you'll have a lightbulb moment!

  10. I am no help in the quilting department. I'm a big chicken when it comes to anything except straight lines. Your colors are so lovely and you have done a beautiful job with all the curves.

  11. I think it is wonderful and the bumps will disappear for sure. I think an overall stipple in the blue parts leaving the chains free will work wonderfully. I also think that this quilt would look excellent with some straightish but not perfect lines, running vertically with the chains but I would do them fairly densely with random distances apart. On mine is did the background in the box stipple which I find works nicely to move the quilt from end to end without turning. Or pebbles are beautiful but they are slow going. Really any all over design you like to so will work.

  12. It looks fabulous and I love the colours. No advice on the quilting I'm afraid!!

  13. It looks gorgeous, I love those colours soooo much.
    As for quilting, go with your plan, it sounds good and 'doable' to me xxx

  14. I couldn't comment on how to quilt as I'm still learning.
    On the quilt I'm doing, in order to sew all the lines in one direction I found it easier to sew backwards when I couldn't fit the bulk of the quilt through the machine, but it's probably recommended.
    The colours you have used are delightful.

    1. That should have read " but it's probably NOT recommended." Oops !!


  15. I've done some fmq and am just beginning to experiment with things other than stippling, so I'm no expert or artist at it. I like the idea of echoing the curves but instead of going left to right or right to left you can go top to bottom and that way keep only as much of the quilt in the throat of the machine as necessary and not get more in there. Then do a small stipple in the middle of the rings. But if the quilt is bigger than lap size (sorry don't know the details of it) I send them off! Yep, chicken here too. I also find it's really tough on my hands arms and shoulders and neck if I do a big one myself.

  16. It looks absolutely fabulous Di. I really like your idea of stippling some of it and letting the rest pop out!

  17. Whoopie, your quilt looks amazing! Love the colours and the pattern! IMHO I would suggest pebbles for FMQ. Love the texture and the look.

  18. It's beautiful. Very beautiful sew:-)