09 February 2013

Siblings Together

Quilts for Siblings Together

With the Mod Pod quilt now finished (and in the tumble drier as we speak)  I can move on to something new.  I could finish the quilt for my friend Rose, but the thrill of starting something new won me over, and I've started a quilt for the siblings together project.  A few weeks ago, I bought a layer cake of Aneela Hooey's Little Apples from Katy, who was having a bit of a stash clear out.

 I thought this would be perfect for a quilt for this project, if I could find a nice simple pattern that would be quick, but show the fabric off to it's best.  Hadley pointed me in the direction of this tutorial, a simple way of sewing Half Square Triangles from a layer cake.

In a very short space of time I had paired them up int light and dark, sewn around the edges, cut them into 4 and pressed them all.  Simples.  The only criticism I have is that the layer cake was not particularly well cut.  The squares were't all 10 inches and they weren't all cut squarely, which means I'm going to have to square up all of those HSTs.  But that's a job for another day.

Today I'm doing the nice stuff!  I started to play with the layout.  I know many of you are familiar with this, but it is the first time I've tried this and it is great fun.  And is so easy with my design wall!

Firstly I tried the layout I originally intended.

 But lets face it, it doesn't work.  It just looks scrappy.

Then I tried my favourites, pinwheels

Yep, this is an improvement.

Now for a zig sag - which I've never tried before

  Mmmmm - I like this

And finally, I don't know what you call this layout

This is nice too.

The only thing is, I don't know if I've got the right number of each colour combination.  If I'm not careful the last row/round will be mix n match!

What would you do?



  1. I like the last one but then again I also am fond of a pinwheel too......

  2. It's so annoying when your pre-cuts aren't cut very well.
    I really love the zigzags. I'm thinking of making a zigzag quilt after I've finished the three quilts I have planned at the moment.
    One of them is for Siblings together and is a plus quilt made from the Robert Kaufman fat quarters we got at the retreat last year and some Kona solids.

  3. I think your work is so beautiful, whichever way you choose will be perfect. YOU have the artists eye. I like the last one.

  4. I did my HSTs with Salt Air with that method. Super fast, isn't it?! I trimmed too, just to keep it all nice points.

  5. I like the last layout. What if you mixed the colours within the rows and placed them asymmetrically, that way you don't need a particular number of the same colour within a row (http://highampiecemakers.blogspot.co.uk/ 4th feb).

  6. I like them all, Dianne! I think the last layout would be a favourite, followed by the pinwheels! Good luck deciding. it will be marvelous with whichever layout you pick!

  7. Oh good, I was rather hoping this could become an ST quilt! I like the last 2 options :o)

  8. I like the pinwheels the best Di - I am a bit of a convert after making your ST block!

  9. I really like the zigzag.
    I try to avoid pinwheels but that maybe because i am still traumatised after my last attempt to do pinwheels !!!
    Not sure what the last one is called, but I have it on my todo list.

  10. Im really liking the zig zag myself but the traditional pin-wheels look great too.

  11. Oo I like! I think my favourite is the unnamed last one. I've got 4 charm packs of this line and pulled them out on Friday thinking of what I could do with them for Siblings Together, I'm hoping to get 2 quilts out of them so they could go to 2 sisters. I'm toying with the idea of chevrons but also maybe just leaving them as squares and sashing around them.

  12. Here are my two cents...
    I like the zig zag best/ chevrons best :o)
    And maybe you won't encounter that last round = scrappy round problem with that design ;o)

  13. Yay - If you haven't pressed them open yet, trim them folded, so only 2 cuts per HST.
    I love the final layout x

  14. the zig zag is my favorite with the last one a close second

  15. I love love the zig zags! In fact I want to make one, it was my first ever quilt was a hst zig zag.